Council discloses vacancies for doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other health professionals in TO

The Council of Municipal Health Departments of Tocantins (COSEMS-TO) released this Tuesday, 25, the availability of 31 vacancies for various health professionals in 24 cities in the state. The survey was carried out by the administrative team of the Council, which contacted the Municipal Health Departments. The availability of vacancies runs until February 7, 2022, or depending on how they are filled.

To find out more information, the interested party can check the contact of the Secretaries or Municipal Secretaries in one of the columns of the table below. The distance from the municipalities to the Capital can be checked by clicking HERE.

1aragomines1doctor(63) 99222-7996Lucas Araújo
twoBernardo Sayão1doctor(63) 99252-6436Waste Jhonnathan
3Chapada de Natividade1pharmacist(63) 99219-2021Adelmo Barros
4Chapada de Natividade1physical therapist(63) 99219-2021Adelmo Barros
5Conceição do Tocantins1doctor(63) 99227-5151Luana Souza
6Two brothers1doctor(63) 98454-9039Anderson Fazzolo
7Philadelphia1speech therapist(63) 99287-8778Arianna Marino
8Goianorte1doctor(63) 98489-3984José Helenilson
9itaporã1doctor(63) 98478-6209Andréia de Sousa
10Luzinópolis1doctor(63) 99225-3271Regivania Sousa
11Miracema4doctors(63) 98428-3615Maria Selma
12Mount Carmotwodoctors(63) 99985-7777Lucione Negre
13Monte Santo1psychologist(63) 98471-9725Paulo Wanderson
14Nativitytwodoctors(63) 99213-0613Welison Maia
15palm trees1doctors(63) 9298-6164Gefferson Araújo
16Paradisetwodoctors(63) 98404-6270Arllerico André
17Pindorama1Doctor on duty(63) 98418-8145Jairo Carvalho
18High Bridge of Bom Jesus1Social Worker(63) 99211-2375Camila Aires
19National Port1doctors(63) 98411-3851 / 98426-5008Lorena / Bruna
20pugmil1dentist(63) 99911-1068Aurora Alves
21resourceland1doctor(63) 99244-7147Come Carla
22Santa Maria do Tocantins1doctor(63) 99292-2324Aldeiris Bomfim
23Sao Felix do Tocantins1psychologist(63) 99274-1713Jarla Abreu
24Sao Felix do Tocantins1Social Worker(63) 99274-1713Jarla Abreu
25San Salvador1dentist(63) 98426-9727Elysanya Tavares
26Taipas1dentist(63) 99207-8693Manoel Rodrigues

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