Covid-19: ES breaks new record and records more than 17 thousand cases in 24 hours

With the unprecedented level reached this afternoon, this month of January has already accumulated more than 130,000 cases – equivalent to 17% of the total recorded since the beginning of the pandemic in the state, which is 760,663. It is worth remembering that, this year alone, this indicator has already had the record broken three other times.

In the last statement, Governor Renato Casagrande also warned that the State is experiencing an “explosion of cases” and stressed that people should be concerned about the Ômicron variant, which is more transmissible and causes hospitalizations and deaths, albeit on a smaller scale, if compared to other strains.

Renato Casagrande

Governor of Espírito Santo

“If we had the same behavior as before in deaths, our system would not be able to handle it because the contagion is much greater”

5,240 cases/day

is the average recorded in January, until this Tuesday (25), in ES

If the pace of contamination reported daily continues, January could end with more than 160,000 confirmed cases. This would be almost triple the month that, until then, had the highest number of infections of the entire pandemic: December 2020, with 58,000 infections.

With regard to deaths, the Holy Spirit recorded 11 deaths in 24 hours, totaling 13,440 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data from the Covid-19 Panel, by Sesa. This Tuesday (25), the number of cured reached 647,797 (6,443 in 24 hours) and the mortality rate is 1.77% in the state.

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