‘Direct to the point’: Caixa president rules out bank privatization

Pedro Guimarães also states that he will not run for an elective position; His name was considered as a possible vice of Bolsonaro

Edu Guimarães/Estadão ContentPedro Guimarães is the current president of Caixa Econômica Federal

the president of Federal Savings Bank, Pedro Guimarães, stated that the state-owned bank should not be privatized and that the sale is not currently being considered. The liberal-oriented economist from Rio de Janeiro has already defended that the government should sell Caixa in the past, but now he says he has changed his mind and that having a bank like the one he presides over is fundamental for the country, due to its capillarity and because it is used by Brazilians to receive benefits such as Auxílio-Brasil.

“As long as there is significant social inequality in Brazil, I cannot see Brazil without a Caixa Econômica Federal. First, there is no discussion of privatization determined by President Bolsonaro, so talking about privatization of Caixa without Bolsonaro does not exist, because this has to be a determination of the president. And I agree, because there is an inequality. For example: the only bank that is opening a branch is Caixa. And the digital issue? The largest digital bank in Brazil is Caixa, with 109 million digital accounts. Now, there are 20 million people who can’t read or write, when we go to visit branches, people ask for help, without our employees, they won’t be able to withdraw the money. Have you ever imagined using a cell phone? That’s why it’s important to visit [as agências]. That’s why there’s a need to open branches. We are opening around 300 branches, 100 for agro and the others in communities in the interior”, stated Guimarães. The economist also mentioned the need to open agencies so that illiterate people do not have to travel many kilometers to receive benefits and spend on transport.

Guimarães also denied that he is thinking of running for any elective office. His name was mentioned as a possible candidate for vice president on the ticket of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), but for the economist, being in the position he holds has changed his life and he does not think about going to another – and he still refused to mention a name. a possible candidate for vice president, limiting himself to praising Bolsonaro. At another point in the interview, Guimarães stated that there is still no prospect to call whoever passed a public tender for Caixa in 2014, as the number of employees depends on authorization from the Ministry of Economy and there is a cap on the number of employees at the Bank. .

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