Embraer now has an exclusive worldwide distributor for parts for its aircraft

AVIAN Inventory Management, LLC, together with the sole equity partner, YAS – York Aerospace Solutions III, signed an agreement with Embraer for the exclusive rights to acquire, promote and distribute the company’s commercial and executive aircraft spare parts.

Designed to promote accessibility and speed to market, the AVIAN distribution center will make products available to all aircraft operators and maintenance and repair centers around the world, providing a central point of service.

Established from the ground up specifically to support Embraer’s long-term parts replacement strategy, AVIAN will focus its global spare parts inventory at a new base in Orlando, Florida. Operations and sales are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2022.

In addition to Embraer, AVIAN has materialized the incorporation of a partner sales channel in its operation to act as a front line with customers. DASI, UNICAL Aviation and Regional Airline Support Group (RASG) were nominated from a wide range of stakeholders. Each of them has demonstrated a wide reach in the market, has years of experience with the product and, above all, expressed a desire to support Embraer’s customers.

“With this long-term agreement with AVIAN, we will be able to increase our reach and accessibility in terms of parts distribution, while allowing us to increase performance and efficiency, with a focus on customer needs,” said Johann Bordais, President and CEO of Embraer Services and Support.

Users will have access to the entire AVIAN inventory through Embraer’s regular sales channels, in addition to the three aforementioned sales partners, and will continue to be able to check availability and order spare parts on Embraer platforms.

Ian Gurekian, CEO of AVIAN Inventory Management, said, “This partnership is an example of Embraer’s ability to adjust its long-term strategy while maintaining full focus on its customers. AVIAN was able to work together with Embraer to design a solution that unites financial and operational objectives, while creating a platform that keeps Embraer close and integrated with its customer base.”

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