Endrick at Real Madrid? Newspaper reveals the trump card that Florentino has to overcome Barcelona: ‘He doesn’t want to lose’

According to information revealed by the newspaper Sport World, Real Madrid have an ace up their sleeve to try to beat the competition in Europe to sign Endrick: Juni Calafat, who took Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr. to the Santiago Bernabéu

‘Endrick is the player everyone wants in Europe’. It is in this way that the traditional spanish newspaper Sport World begins a report published this Wednesday (26) about the new sensation revealed by palm trees. According to the diary, Real Madrid and barcelona already fight a battle for the attacker.

The publication, however, points out that the meringues have a backstage trump in the dispute for the Brazilian: Juni Calafat.

He was the representative of the Spanish capital giant in several recent successful negotiations such as those that led to Reinier, rodrygo and Vinicius Jr. to the Santiago Bernabéu.

“Now it’s this boy’s turn [Endrick], who will begin to be the protagonist of the main team. And Florentino Pérez does not want to miss this opportunity.” Sport World.

All those interested in taking the jewel away from Palmeiras, however, know that they will have to wait for Endrick. At just 15 years old, the striker has not even signed his first professional athlete contract with the Allianz Parque club. The trend is for this to happen only in July, when he will be 16 years old.

According to FIFA rules, however, a transfer to international football can only happen when the player reaches the age of majority, in July 2024.

Still citing the report by the Sport World, which outlines a profile of the Palmeiras jewel, the athlete’s movements also started to stir up Nike, a supplier of sports equipment that sponsors Endrick.

According to the publication, the American giant is rushing to have a new contract with the striker, which has a contract signed only until 2023.

“Despite having received succulent offers from other sponsorship brands, it seems that Endrick will accept the new contract and will remain linked to the American Nike for many more years”, indicates the Spanish newspaper.

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