Evolution of eSIM! Qualcomm demonstrates cell phone with SIM card integrated into the processor

Qualcomm is introducing to the world its first solution with iSIM technology (“Integrated SIM”, or “Integrated SIM”) which, as its name suggests, has a SIM card integrated directly into the smartphone’s processor. The device was developed in partnership with Vodafone, Thales and Samsung.

According to the manufacturer of the “Snapdragon” family of processors, the technology opens the door to a series of benefits, promising to represent an advance of eSIM (“Embedded SIM” or “Embedded SIM”). The difference between the innovations is that iSIM eliminates the use of a separate chip, allowing cell phones to become thinner and lighter.

iSIM meets the specifications of the GSMA, the regulatory body representing telecom operators worldwide, and brings benefits such as improved performance, advances in memory capacity, and better system integration of hardware and software. In addition, the SIM reinforces its presence as a fundamental smartphone resource.

The benefits not only cover the cell phone segment, but also enable manufacturers of notebooks, tablets, IoT devices, smartwatches and other smart products to integrate connectivity into their devices in a more profitable way or, finally, to allow the use of the mobile network in electronics that did not support the service.

A proof of concept was developed in a Samsung research and development lab in Europe, using a Galaxy Z Flip 3 equipped with the Snapdragon 888 5G. The platform integrated a hardware-based security unit developed by Qualcomm and a Thales iSIM connected to the Vodafone network.

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The companies concluded, through the analyses, that the iSIM technology is ready to enter the market and exhibits high efficiency when operating with existing infrastructure. Furthermore, the mitigation of design complexity in smartphones and the certified security layer are attractive proposals for its adoption.

“By designing the iSIM technology into the chipset, we are able to build additional support for our vendor partnerships with our Snapdragon platforms,” said Enrico Salvatori, Qualcomm’s senior vice president, Europe.

It is worth noting that the concept of “integrated SIM” in the processor is not a new concept in the industry. Arm, the developer of the eponymous chip architecture, already explored this technique in 2018, a time when eSIM was still a recent technology.

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