Father Júlio Lancelotti criticizes Marcos Mion’s R$ 80,000 sneakers

Gabriel Elias – Special for Uai

posted on 01/25/2022 14:18

  (credit: Disclosure)

(credit: Disclosure)

Father Júlio Lancellotti, who became known for defending and carrying out social work with street populations in the city of São Paulo, criticized Marcos Mion for wearing R$81,000 sneakers at the Caldeirão last Saturday (22/01).

The religious representative nudged the communicator for wearing such an expensive piece, punctuating the country’s economic inequality. “It causes sadness so much inequality”, wrote the priest on his Instagram. Mion, in turn, did not let the criticism go unexplained.

The presenter replied: “Dear Father Júlio, I need to make it clear that this news wants to have exactly that effect: shock. I didn’t pay and I would never pay that amount for a sneaker. I’m not part of it.”

Mion still tells how he got the luxury item. “These sneakers that I have, which reach these values ​​in this parallel market, either I won from the brand or bought in the store, at launch, paying the market value”, he said.

He also concluded: “I am 100% aware of my place of privilege and, for that very reason, I take it as an obligation to help others, as I have already done, for example, by donating and also publicizing their causes. I am always available to help you in your great causes and I reiterate the admiration I have for your blessed work”.

After the disagreement, Júlio Lancelotti understood Mion’s side and sealed the peace. He posted on his Instagram: “Grateful and touched by the response. United in the fight for the weak and discarded. Daily coexistence with the poorest hurts us too much. Every day I see the marked feet of so many who even work and can’t even get a slipper . God keep us and Mary, too. A hug. @marcosmion “, reported the priest.

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