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Fausto Silva underwent a new exam and tested negative for Covid-19 this Tuesday (25), according to columnist Cristina Padiglione, from the F5 website, from Folha de S. Paulo. The presenter was in quarantine since Wednesday (19), when he was diagnosed with the disease. The recordings of “Faustão na Band” were suspended by the broadcaster. In addition to him, Anne Lottermann, a former presenter of the “Jornal Nacional”, had also been infected.

THE IN OFF confirmed that Faustão was released by doctors to return to work this afternoon. Behind the scenes, the station mobilized the entire attraction’s team to record unpublished editions. According to a statement from the channel released last week, there are new programs to be shown until Wednesday (26). The expectation is to be able to recover front of editions until Friday (28).

The Band had planned the return of their contractor earlier in the week. However, after undergoing a new test, the result was positive. The communicator was asymptomatic, which is when the patient has no symptoms of the disease. Anne was also tested again and came back negative.

In an interview with José Luiz Datena, in “Brasil Urgente”, last week, Faustão eased the concern of fans by stating that his health condition was not worrying and that he was following medical recommendations by staying at home. He was surprised to be diagnosed positive for the coronavirus.

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“I don’t have any symptoms, I’ve never had such good results in my exams. I wasn’t even going to do PCR, I did it twice when I was in Miami. But now it’s positive. I’m out until Monday, when I’m going to re-test.”, said the presenter. The dancers and João Guilherme Silva, son of Lucina Cardoso’s husband, did not test positive for the disease.

In time, Faustão debuted on Band, on Monday (17), with an average of 8.3 points and a 12.3% share (televisions on from 8:30 pm to 10:40 pm), according to consolidated data. In the direct confrontation, the station beat SBT and Record TV, which recorded 7.6 and 7.1, respectively. Globo led with 22.7. The result left the station hopeful of taking third place in Silvio Santos’ channel.

Despite his debut in vice-leadership, João Guilherme Silva’s father dropped to fourth place for the rest of the week. On Tuesday (18), it recorded 6.1; on Wednesday (19), 5.6; on Thursday (20), it scored 5. and, on Friday (21), it scored 5.8. To reinforce the night schedule, the Band launched “1001 questions”, by Zeca Camargo.

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