Fee charging for companies on Pix services is expanded

After starting to charge companies by Pix throughout 2021, banks have been adding fees along with the evolution of the services of the Central Bank’s instant payment system.

Although Pix charging is allowed for legal entities, the practice did not start with the launch of the tool. But with the popularization of Pix, the fees, which can reach R$ 150, appeared and have been increased.

At Santander, for example, as of January 1st, cash withdrawals by companies via Pix Saque or Pix Troco started to cost R$ 2.50 for each operation. Banco do Brasil follows the same path and, as of February 9, must charge BRL 2.90 for each withdrawal.

Among the large banks, only Caixa has no fees for legal entities. Nubank, Inter and C6 also reported that they do not charge fees for companies, but the collection by Mercado Pago shows that the exemption is not a general practice of fintechs. No institution, however, has charged fees for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI) and Individual Companies (EI).

Despite the fees, payment or transfer via Pix is ​​still more advantageous than other types of banking services.


The executive manager of the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL), Daniel Sakamoto, admits that the issue of bank fees at Pix worries the entity, which has recommended that businessmen research and compare fees.

Sakamoto remembers that the final cost ends up being passed on to the consumer, which can be a differentiator for shopkeepers.

“The adoption of Pix has reduced costs, but fees can take away some of that advantage. Micro and small entrepreneurs have to make a small account, everything weighs. That’s why it’s important to research. And it is not because Pix is ​​charging a fee that it is no longer competitive”, he adds.

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