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The payment of the salary allowance of the PIS will only be done from the 8th of February [confira calendário abaixo]. However, since last Saturday (22) workers can check the balance receivable.

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One of the ways to carry out this consultation is through the Digital Work Card application. But, when entering the app, many workers are faced with the message of “NOT ENABLED”.

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In view of this, at first, it is necessary to understand that the PIS refers to the base year 2020 and is intended for those who have worked with a formal contract for at least five years. In addition, the employee must meet requirements such as:

  • Be enrolled in PIS for at least five years
  • Who worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in the previous year
  • Who earned, at most, two minimum wages per month, on average
  • It is also necessary that the company where you worked has correctly reported the data to the government

If you meet the requirements to receive the salary bonus, you need to know if the company correctly informed the government and within the established deadline, which, in this case, ended on August 30, 2021.

How to know if the company deposited the data?

To find out if the company has deposited the data, it is necessary to consult the RAIS website. In the PIS/Pasep field, the worker enters the NIS number to verify their PIS status.

After filling in the data, the site will show the salary bonus situation. To receive PIS, the “situation” must be in “delivered” status and the “Delivery Date” must have been made by August 30, 2021.

If everything is in order, remember that the Federal Government has set the deadline from October 2021 to January 2022 to update the entire system.

Therefore, it is recommended to wait for the month of January to end to verify that, in fact, you are not qualified to receive the salary bonus.

See the PIS 2022 calendar

Januaryfebruary 8December 29
FebruaryFebruary, 10thDecember 29
MarchFebruary 15thDecember 29
AprilFebruary 17thDecember 29
MayFebruary 22December 29
JuneFebruary, 24December 29
JulyMarch, 15December 29
AugustMarch 17December 29
SeptemberMarch 22December 29

October March 24 December 29
NovemberMarch 29thDecember 29

December March 31 December 29

PIS salary bonus payment table

1 month of work: R$ 100;
2 months of work: R$ 200;
3 months of work: R$ 300;
4 months of work: R$ 400;
5 months of work: R$ 500;
6 months of work: R$ 600;
7 months of work: R$ 700;
8 months of work: R$ 800;
9 months of work: R$ 900;
10 months of work: R$ 1000;
11 months of work: R$ 1,100;
12 months of work: R$ 1,200.

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