Food vouchers gain new rules for companies and workers

In November 2021, the federal government published Decree No. 10,854, whose objective is to simplify some labor standards. Among the changes is one that makes the use of the food stamp.

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Overall, the aim is expand the list of establishments where the benefit can be used. The new guidelines related to the benefit are available in article 177 of the decree, which talks about “open payment arrangements” and the objective of “sharing the accredited network of commercial establishments”.

New food stamp

To better understand, see the changes established in the document through these three specific points:

  • The free portability of the food payment service offered by the legal entity benefiting from the PAT will be optional, upon the worker’s express request;
  • When hiring a benefit provider, the company cannot receive discounts on the contracted amount, terms that mischaracterize the prepaid nature of the amounts or other benefits and amounts;
  • The use of food stamp cards will not be limited to a closed network of affiliated establishments.

Important: the decree offers a period of 18 months for companies to be able to adapt to the new contracts, that is, until May 2023.

What changes for workers?

In short, the new change will allow food stamp cards, regardless of brand, to be accepted by a greater number of establishments that usually only receive a certain type of brand.

What are the changes for companies?

In the case of companies, the decree prohibits the requirement or receipt of discounts in the contracts of operators that work with food stamps. In addition, with the change, food voucher managers are no longer held hostage to discounts to help the business grow in the market.

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