Geisy Arruda starts the day with yellow lingerie and shows everything

Enjoying leisure days in Portugal, Geisy Arruda who does not hide his passion for sensuality from his fans, he again aroused praise from the big guys. In short, the writer appeared with a low-cut yellow lingerie, which showed her turbocharged breasts.

In the records, the former participant of The Farm still displays a fully defined belly, and a smooth and round butt. Her intention was to promote new content on OnlyFans.

“The summer muse looks even more beautiful with this yellow piece”, praised one man. “It’s really jaw-dropping,” said the second. “My wife can’t see that I follow you”, joked the last one.


In recent weeks, Geisy Arruda appeared in a hot rehearsal alongside actress Vivi Fernandez. With exchanges of caresses, they left the followers euphoric. in conversation at Splash, the blonde told details of the chemistry with the influencer.

“There was nothing technical. The rehearsal flowed according to what we felt and the photographer just recorded it. Little was posed. We dated. ÇWith Geisy, I had a lot of connection. I have always applauded and admired her. She made lemonade out of lemons, becoming an icon of resilience and a beautiful woman. Geisy thinks like me and has no taboos. She can work with sexuality in a good way and that’s why she married me very well. I have no problem doing this interaction with a woman, especially being Geisy. I think she’s hot,” he said.

Continuing with the matter, Geisy pointed out that the idea was to do a single initial rehearsal; “We spent the day together and the idea was to do the Christmas rehearsal, but we reached a consensus and also did the New Year rehearsal. The New Year’s photos in the bathtub turned out to be a spectacle. It was a new experience. I had never done such a racy rehearsal with a woman. I liked it and I want more.”

With immense boldness, the two confessed that they had fun behind the scenes of the clicks, and remembered old moments. “We had a lot of laughs and gossip. At the time of rehearsal we let it flow because we like each other a lot. People think they are beautiful and delicious. What we feel for each other is mutual.”


Famous for over ten years, Geisy told Who, who usually says who invented cancellation. According to her, there were always haters in her life.

“I often say that I invented cancellation. I got canceled 11 years ago for wearing a short outfit to college. I’ve dealt with haters for as long as I can remember. The day when all the people love me, I don’t think it’s going to be very funny. Haters made me an independent and empowered woman. They are a necessary evil.”

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