Gil do Vigor criticizes the atmosphere of peace at BBB 22: “It’s better to be cancelled”

BBB 22: Gil do Vigor criticizes the program's peaceful climate

BBB 22: Gil do Vigor criticizes the program’s peaceful climate

The climate of peace and love in the “BBB 22” is not pleasing both anonymous and famous viewers. The ex-BBB Gil do Vigor used his Twitter on Tuesday (25) to criticize the current edition of the reality show, which continues without major events and with participants fleeing the game.

“I’m really upset! A unique chance and the people want to sing and sleep. Afff! Better to be canceled than to live like this (because this is not real life)”, declared the former participant of “BBB 20”, which was filled with controversy.

Gil is not even able to follow the show on pay per view. “What a rage at this PPV! Just singing, my God. Today is elimination, folks, go talk about gambling, for God’s sake! At least today”, he implored.

One person, then, wanted to know how the ex-BBB would act, if he were in the cast of “BBB 22”. “Were you going to join in the singing or murmur that it’s already boring?”, asked the follower. “He would sing for a day or two, then he would be disgusted”, replied Gil, laughing.

Game of Discord or Game of Peace?

During the Discordia Game on Monday night (24), the brothers needed to choose who would be on the podium of the final, but the program’s production left aside the sign that signals who the confined believe they have no ability to reach the Final.

The lack of the sign made the dynamics totally meaningless, transforming what would be a moment to show the participants’ game, alliances and strategies in a totally useless space during Globo’s prime time. If the participants aren’t in there to play, why did they sign up? And if the broadcaster does not want to deliver entertainment to the public, what will be the future of this edition of the program?

On social media, the public was revolted by the uninteresting and bullshit Game of Discord, and many fans of the reality show have already considered stopping watching the program in the first few weeks.

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