Google opens job vacancies in Brazil and seeks 200 engineers

Working at Google is the dream of many people around the world. In addition to being one of the largest companies on the planet, it is also an example in valuing its employees. Anyone looking for an opportunity on Google can try again, as the company has several job openings.

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In Brazil, the opportunities are for Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. But, most of the vacancies are from home office. That is, people from all corners can apply.

Jobs on Google

One of Google’s goals is to double the engineering team in Brazil. That’s why it expects to open another 200 jobs by next year.

The demand is for professionals who want to work mainly in Belo Horizonte, as it is the company’s engineering center. But Google also has plans to expand the center to São Paulo and, therefore, is looking for more engineers.

Brazil has stood out worldwide for the quality of its technology professionals and has drawn the attention of large companies such as Google. In addition, another proposal is to invest in local talent to compose the teams in these two cities.

To apply, just access the Google careers portal and check the vacancies available, both for immediate hiring and for the reserve registration. Much of it is aimed at technology professionals, but the opportunities are in different sectors.

In addition, each position has a requirement level. To apply, interested parties need to send personal data and also the curriculum in the initial stages of the selection process.

The forecast is that by next year Google’s work teams in Brazil will rise from 200 to 400 professionals.

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