Guilherme becomes ‘prince’ by Flávia in The More Life, the Better; see how· TV News

Betrayed and humiliated, Guilherme (Mateus Solano) will be on his knees for Flávia (Valentina Herszage) in Quanto Mais Vida Melhor!. The doctor will look for the young woman he snubbed so much and will do his best to please her, but the dancer’s reaction to the advances will not be exactly the best in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

At the chapter scheduled to air next Monday (31), the surgeon’s marriage to Rose (Bárbara Colen) will take a new seismic shake when the former model discovers that he bugged her things to spy on her.

After an ugly argument with his beloved, Celina’s son (Ansa Lucia Torre) will have a relapse and will call Flávia. However, by going after her, he will take a moral lesson like that, which will leave him totally without action. The girl even said that she was the doctor’s “woman of life”, but she was treated with contempt.

However, he won’t give up easily to get back together with the young woman, and the two end up together in a restaurant. There, Tigrão’s father (Matheus Abreu) ​​will play the “prince” and defend her against a cheeky guy.

Later, still in a romantic mood, Guilherme will begin to play a piano alongside the false flight attendant, who will accompany him with a song.

The More Life, the Better! it has been on the air since November last year and is written by Mauro Wilson. The plot was fully recorded because of the security protocols adopted by Globo as a result of the pandemic, which slowed down the recording processes.

The novel is scheduled to end in May this year. Afterwards, the network will premiere Cara e Coragem, by author Claudia Souto. The serial will address the universe of stunt doubles and will have Paolla Oliveira and Marcelo Serrado in the main roles.

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