Health changes note that, against science, said chloroquine was effective – 01/26/2022

The Ministry of Health amended a technical note published on Friday (21) that classified hydroxychloroquine as effective for the treatment against covid-19 and stated that vaccines do not demonstrate the same effectiveness, contrary to a series of studies and health guidelines around the world. .

The previous note, the target of criticism from the scientific society, had a table that placed hydroxychloroquine, a drug with proven ineffectiveness against the new coronavirus, as opposed to vaccines, which have already been shown to be efficient in reducing serious cases and deaths from the disease in Brazil and In other countries.

One of the columns asked if there is a demonstration of effectiveness in controlled and randomized studies for covid-19. The answer is “yes” for hydroxychloroquine and “no” for vaccines.

The table contrasts the two methods by stating that the drug has demonstrated safety in experimental and observational studies against covid and that the vaccine does not have the same response. In March 2021, the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that the drug does not work to deal with covid-19.

The new technical note was published today on the website of conitec (National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies).

The document is signed by the Secretary of Science, Technology, Innovation and Strategic Inputs in Health, Hélio Angotti Grandchild. He says the previous note brought “incorrect interpretations”.

“Considering that certain aspects of TECHNICAL NOTE No. 2/2022-SCTIE/MS (0024896684) gave rise to incorrect interpretations, for the purpose of better clarification and in order to promote greater clarity, it is decided to review it by excluding the Table entitled “Table 1 – Health technologies proposed for COVID-19 and respective information usually relevant to their eventual recommendations”, which appeared in item “4.17 Asymmetry in scientific rigor dedicated to different technologies”, rendering TECHNICAL NOTE No. 2/2022- SCTIE/MS”, reads an excerpt from the document.

Health rejected Conitec guidelines

The table on hydroxychloroquine and vaccines is in a document from the Ministry of Health that last week disapproved of the guidelines prepared by Conitec (National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies) against the use of the so-called “covid kit”, a protocol that determines the use of medicines such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and azithromycin, all of which have been proven ineffective against covid-19.

In a technical note published on the Conitec website, Angotti Neto said that the rejection was made in view of the “respect for the autonomy” of doctors and the “need not to miss the opportunity to save lives”.

An ideological ally of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Angotti Neto promoted four public hearings in 2021. Half were related to hospital and outpatient treatments for covid-19. Inundated with demonstrations by denialists, the public hearings and consultations held by the government on the subject served to postpone the decision and not to contradict Bolsonaro. Conitec disapproved the hospital use of drugs in June last year.

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