Health says it will delete document table on chloroquine – 01/25/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

The document from the Ministry of Health that rejects the guidelines for the treatment of Covid-19 to the SUS will be published again, according to the secretary of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs of the folder, Hélio Angotti.

This time, the note will be published without the table that points out the effectiveness and safety in the use of hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19, contrary to scientific evidence. In the same document, the folder declares that vaccines do not demonstrate these characteristics.

The secretary pointed out, however, that the rejection of the guidelines prepared by experts will be maintained.

“Although the table is not wrong in the context in which it is found, we will choose to remove it. The opinion will not change anything, the argument will not change anything, but we chose to remove it to foster clarity, promote clarity in the administrative instruments and avoid possible misuse”, he said in an interview with the program Os Pingos nos Is, on Jovem Pan, this Monday (24).

The rejected guidelines had been prepared by specialists from medical and scientific entities and approved by Conitec (National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies in the SUS).

The texts contraindicated the use of medicines from the so-called Covid kit, already discarded by the scientific community for the disease.

The Ministry of Health confirmed in a note that the Secretariat of Science, Technology, Innovation and Strategic Inputs will republish the technical note that underlies the decision on the therapeutic guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of Covid-19.

“In order, according to the secretariat, to promote greater clarity in the content and avoid misinterpretations, such as that the decision criticizes the use of Covid-19 vaccines. “, he said in a note.

Angotti said that he disagreed with the opinion approved by Conitec with regard to early treatment because this is not yet a pacified issue, as the note says.

One of the arguments used by him is that the number of people participating in research to say that early treatment works or does not work is still not enough.

“I disagreed in the note that it is pacified and sedimented that certain therapies would prove to have no effect. There in the note I put the technical criteria of this contestation, we cannot say that”, he said.

Angotti also called segregation the fact that some schools oblige children to be vaccinated at the beginning of the school year.

“I see it as an authoritarianism of segregation of people, reduction of constitutional rights. This type of attitude I don’t see adequate scientific basis for it. I don’t see any basis in terms of human rights. This is an invasion of the family”, he said.

Despite Angotti saying that the matter is not pacified, the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, said that hydroxychloroquine has no proven effectiveness against Covid-19.

“These medications were used at the beginning of the pandemic and, at the time, the use was called compassionate use, everyone used it. Later, it was seen that in these situations this medication was no longer applicable and was tested in other contexts, right? I have already said that, they are medications whose scientific evidence of their effectiveness is not yet proven”, he said in an interview for the program Sem Censura, on TV Brasil.

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