International Data Protection Day and Personal Data Protection Week 2022

The Personal Data Protection Week, a global initiative and supported by the National Data Protection Authority, will bring relevant content about the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD), information about the activities of the ANPD and will address important aspects about the rights of the holders of personal data. The idea is to encourage the celebration of the date, which becomes increasingly important nowadays with the continuous growth of the network society.

Increasingly, data subjects’ personal data are processed in different ways and for different purposes – in consumer relations, at work, in interactions with public authorities, in the use of the internet, in the use of services and in different situations.

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In general, people are not familiar with the varied possibilities and formats of threats and risks that may arise in certain personal data processing activities and how they may react to situations that do not comply with adequate standards of personal data protection.

With the aim of encouraging the dissemination and promotion of a data protection culture, on April 26, 2006, the Council of Europe created a Data Protection Day that is celebrated on January 28, the date on which the Council’s Convention 108 of Europe for the Protection of Natural Persons, with regard to the Automated Processing of Personal Data, known as “Convention 108”, of 28 January 1981, was opened for signature.

The Federal Government, through the ANPD, has actively participated in the discussions related to Convention 108. In 2021, the ANPD participated in the 41st Meeting in a plenary session of the Convention’s Advisory Committee. Brazil, as an observer, was invited to participate in the aforementioned Committee. ANPD representatives, appointed by the Authority’s Chief Executive through diplomatic channels, participated in the Plenary Meeting.

Currently, Data Protection Day is celebrated globally and constitutes an important moment for the various sectors to discuss the topic, carry out awareness campaigns, events, publications and other activities that help in the construction of a data protection culture. for the benefit of society.

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On the national scene, the date has gained increasing relevance and reinforces the importance of data protection as a fundamental right, which is essential to guarantee several other rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of association and privacy related to the use of personal data. , in addition to several others.

This is the second year that Brazil commemorates the date with the implementation of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD) and with the action of the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), in addition to the recent approval by the National Congress, of the Proposed Amendment to Constitution 17 (PEC 17/2019) which includes the protection of personal data in the list of fundamental rights and guarantees.

With this in mind, the ANPD seeks to promote and encourage the celebration of the date in Brazil and for that the authority will carry out some activities during the week, such as the disclosure of interviews with members of the ANPD, the launch of the Guidance on the Processing of Personal Data by the Public Power and the publication of texts on the authority’s website.

The purpose is to make the celebration an incentive for other organizations, public and private, to also carry out activities to commemorate the date during this week. The intention is that the initiative takes place annually and that each year it is improved with new activities, events, publications and other ways to encourage discussion about privacy and protection of personal data.

2022 edition

Data Protection Week – from 01/24 to 01/28/2022

The Personal Data Protection Week is a global initiative, which will be supported by the National Data Protection Authority and will take place from January 24th to 28th, with the aim of promoting knowledge about the General Data Protection Law annually, bringing and encouraging the creation of explanatory content on the topic.

Launch of the Guidance Guide for the Processing of Personal Data by the Government:

To close the celebrations of the Week for the Protection of Personal Data, the ANPD brings one more contribution to society: the Guide to the Processing of Personal Data by the Government.

The fourth Guide prepared by the ANPD seeks to outline parameters that can help public entities and bodies in the activities of adapting and implementing the LGPD. The guidelines presented constitute a first step in the process of delimiting the interpretations of the LGPD applicable to the Government.

In addition, the Guide provides a brief explanation of the LGPD, the concept of Public Power and the ANPD’s powers. It also presents guidelines on the most common legal bases and the most relevant principles that should guide the processing of personal data by public entities and bodies.

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The Federal Government, through the ANPD, encourages the various sectors, such as public authorities, the private sector, civil society, the third sector, academia and other interested parties, to carry out awareness-raising activities on data protection rights during the week and on the date. personal information and privacy. This can include campaigns aimed at the general public, educational projects, events, publications, videos and any other ways that can encourage the celebration of the date in Brazil.

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