Ivete Sangalo’s Husband Criticizes Maira Cardi: ‘Nutritional Terrorism’ | celebrities

Daniel Cady, husband of Ivete, and Maira Cardi, ex-BBB 9
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Daniel Cady, husband of Ivete, and Maira Cardi, ex-BBB 9

The bread controversy is far from over. On Tuesday night (26), nutritionist Daniel Cady, husband of singer Ivete Sangalo, mocked Maira Cardi’s speech related to the consumption of bread by Arthur Aguiar within the “BBB 22”.

Maira, who is married to Arthur and considers herself a “weight loss entrepreneur”, posted a video criticizing her husband for eating bread in the reality show after a diet with the coach, where the actor lost 9 kg.

Maira’s video went viral and Daniel Cady, Ivete’s husband, mocked the weight loss coach’s speech. The nutritionist published a video on Instagram mocking the ex-BBB9 and asked followers to be careful with “nutritional terrorism”.

“Jokes aside, nutritional terrorism is increasingly present here on the internet, at home, in clinics and offices. For many people, eating has become something stressful and loaded with guilt, a love-hate relationship with food. unbridled search for the perfect aesthetic and rapid weight loss end up making people sick in the body and head”, started Cady.

Ivete’s husband asked followers to seek a healthy lifestyle without radicalism. “Make peace with food and with your body. Seek a healthy lifestyle without radicalism and paranoia. If you are already suffering from this, seek the help of a multidisciplinary team (psychologists, nutritionists and doctors) trained to provide care of eating disorders”, added Daniel Cady.

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