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Mayor Alexandre Kalil (PSD) posted on his official Twitter account, on Tuesday afternoon (25), that Belo Horizonte will not be closed again.

“There will be no closure of the city tomorrow, but the pandemic is not over yet.

Currently, practically all activities can function normally in the city – with the exception of saunas – after having experienced a great back-and-forth of restrictive decisions throughout the pandemic.

The World Cup qualifying match in BH, on February 1st, for example, will have a maximum ticket load. Classes in the municipal network are also maintained, from the 3rd, 100% in person.

A press conference, with the presence of the mayor, the secretary of health, Jackson Machado, and members of the committee to combat Covid-19, is scheduled for the afternoon of this Wednesday (26). The prefecture said only that they will deal with the “pandemic scenario in the capital”.

This scenario has been worrying in recent days, with both the occupancy rates of infirmary and ICU beds in the Red alert since the 12th of January.

According to the most recent bulletin from the prefecture, this Tuesday (25), the occupancy rate of ICU beds is at 88.5% it’s from ward is at 90.5%.

The RT, which measures the transmission of the virus, is on yellow alert, at 1.16 – which means that every 100 people transmit the virus to another 116.

Currently, 87.9% of the total population of Belo Horizonte has already received a dose of vaccine against Covid-19, 82.2% received two doses or a single dose and 30% have already received a booster dose. Children aged 10 and over without comorbidities are already vaccinated starting this Wednesday (26).

The UNA Linha Verde university (Avenida Cristiano Machado, 11.157 – Vila Suzana) will start carrying out tests for Covid-19 in Belo Horizonte. The newest point was released by the City of Belo Horizonte (PBH) this Tuesday (25). In addition to the unit, tests can be done at the health centers and universities below:

  • FAMINAS-BH: Avenida Cristiano Machado 12001 – Vila Cloris.
  • UNA University Center: Avenida João Pinheiro, 580 – Lourdes.

Vacancies are available daily from 5pm for appointments the next day. Exam appointments must be made on the website. Opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm.

Another 15 ICU beds were reassigned to patients with Covid-19 this Tuesday (25) by the prefecture. Since the beginning of January, 42 vacancies have already been mobilized in the sector.

“The Municipal Health Department reinforces that it is essential that people continue to maintain social distance, frequent hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette”, PBH said in a note.

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