Linn da Quebrada’s ex, Cais Niara, talks about transphobia

Wherever Linn da Quebrada appears on “BBB 22”, he takes a souvenir of his ex-girlfriend, Cais Niara, with him. Several times on the show, Linn wore ear cuffs — a type of earring that wraps around the ear — in the shape of a snake, handmade by Cais. The 23-year-old lives in São Paulo, has a degree in fashion and defines herself as a multifaceted artist.

The two dated for three years and broke up in 2021, but since then they continue to maintain a friendship relationship. THE universe, Cais, who is also a transvestite, reveals what it has been like to follow her friend’s trajectory on the show, opines about the transphobic scenes carried out by other participants and the pressure on Linn to explain about terms and behaviors that would be correct. She also comments on the success that her plays have had since her ex-girlfriend joined the reality show.

UNIVERSA – Since entering the house, Linn has been disrespected several times. How does it hit you?
Niara Pier
I already imagined that this would affect me, that the rudeness would happen. We’re talking about Brazil, so it’s to be expected. But I was surprised by the amount of transphobic scenes in the first week. For Linn, they are parts. For us, who are seeing everything, it is different. This messed with me a lot, I had a bad day, sad about everything. But somehow I understand that it’s part of the process.

She is very brave to be on TV, to generate annoyance and debates. It’s inevitable. At least, after Tadeu Schmidt did what he did, asking her to talk about the female pronoun, the meaning of the tattoo and who she is, it became in-law for those who watch how important respect is.

We are dealing with an extremely invisible body: transvestite, black and peripheral. Placing Linna on the top-rated TV show raises questions, but reception and overall results have been positive.

Did any specific words bother you the most?

Cais was saddened in the first days, by the way the other participants treated Linn - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram

Cais was saddened in the first days, by the way the other participants treated Linn

Image: Playback / Instagram

I prefer to analyze people. Rodrigo goes in search of information, with the intention of putting himself as someone who wants to learn. But we know not. He understands it’s wrong, you know, but he repeats it. This is actually building a caring character.

Slovenia, on the other hand, made pronoun errors. This happens a lot in the life of any transvestite. no matter the how feminine you are and show how you want to be treated. She allowed herself to make mistakes and we can’t do that anymore. It’s not our obligation, but Linn is generous and puts herself on the show — and in life — as someone open to making the necessary scores.

This does not mean that she should be treated as a teacher, always didactic. But it’s living together that we understand. If someone makes a mistake, it’s because they’re not used to it. How many transvestites are part of your socializing, are in the restaurant, are part of your family? It’s something to think about.

After Linn was announced as a participant in the show, there were media reports about you. Did you feel exposed?

Cais has a degree in fashion and defines herself as "multi-artist" - Playback / Instagram - Playback / Instagram

Cais has a degree in fashion and defines herself as a “multiartist”

Image: Playback / Instagram

Clearly they were news made to generate clicks. We fell in love, dated and lived together for much of the pandemic. We ended last year and maintain another form of relationship, with a lot of partnership and companionship. I was already preparing for the exhibition because the “BBB” brings visibility not only to the participant, but to the world around them.

Only they exposed my old photos [antes de passar pela transição de gênero], my old name, which, moreover, was wrong, and they said I would launch a singing career, which is a lie. I have a degree in fashion, I have worked as a stylist, launched collections. I consider myself a multi-artist.

Have you been getting a lot of messages about the snake-shaped ear cuffs Linn wears on the show?

Linn wearing the ear cuff "Black Mamba", produced especially for her participation in the reality show - Reproduction / TV Globo - Reproduction / TV Globo

Linn wearing the “Mamba Negra” ear cuff, produced especially for her participation in the reality show

Image: Reproduction / TV Globo

It became madness. I wasn’t prepared for such a high demand. In fact, I produced some for Linn and I didn’t even imagine that she would enter the house wearing these pieces, since the first day is one of the most audience and impact. When I saw it, I freaked out, but I didn’t imagine it would go viral so much. People want to buy it, but I’m an independent artist.

I started producing last year, but selling for a scene, nothing like fast fashion. I had to explain that I can’t keep up with the demand. But I tried to adapt as much as possible. I created a link for people to access and buy. Before, I did everything myself. Now I’ve called someone to help.

Why depict snakes?

What attracts me to the snake is its beauty, which is attractive and intimidating at the same time. I believe in beauty as a defense mechanism. For us transvestites, this makes a lot of sense.

So I started to draw some, then I made an acrylic resin mold. Then I asked a friend to serve as a model. I thought it was beautiful and posted it on the internet. Some people started asking and I didn’t want to waste the opportunity. So I improved the process, using metal, which is more resistant, in addition to resin and a hypoallergenic varnish.

What’s Linn’s personality trait that can take her to the finals?
I find her completely captivating. Brazil has fallen in love with her personality, spontaneity and charisma. In addition to being an intelligent person, an exceptional artist and who has a lot to deliver in terms of wisdom, she is a nice person to have around, to talk to. The other day I was teaching yoga classes on the reality show. She is not the militant.

We just want to live well, have fun, make the most of the situation. She came into this: live and earn. We really want this to happen, it would be historic, an exceptional moment: the victory of a transvestite after 10 years of having a trans person in the house.

She has all the potential to win people’s hearts.

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