Luciano receives advice from Rafa Kalimann after elimination of ‘BBB22’: ‘Fame is a long and arduous consequence’ | TV and Series

Luciano was the first eliminated from “BBB22” this Tuesday (25), after receiving 49.31% of the votes in a triple wall. The brother disputed the stay in the house with Natália (34.89%) and Naiara Azevedo (15.8%).

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In several conversations in the house, Luciano said that he wanted to be very famous, and his speeches generated criticism inside and outside the “BBB”.

In the conversation with the eliminated one, Rafa Kalimann asked permission to give him some advice. She said that aiming for fame is not wrong, but that it is a consequence of hard work.

“It’s just a long and sometimes too arduous consequence. You’ll hear things you won’t like to hear. Submitting to things you have to do for your job, but it’s a beautiful consequence of a job very well done. It takes time, It’s hard as hell, but it’s genuine that you want to be famous.”

“There’s an explosion of people following you and following you. What are you going to do with it now, Luciano, is what will make your star shine. With that you make your dreams come true”, continued the presenter.

“Use that to your advantage, use that potency and that strength of wanting. ‘Do I want to be famous?’ It’s worthy, no problem. You might want to be famous, yes.”

“So don’t feel bad about dreaming about it. It’s okay, lots of people dream about it. Just use it to your advantage to build it.”

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