McDonald’s responds to Elon Musk, GrimaceCoin is created and rises 200,000%

After Elon Musk stated that he would eat a Happy McLanche on TV if McDonald’s accepted Dogecoin as a payment method, the company made a counter-offer. If Tesla accepts the GrimaceCoin — a currency that doesn’t exist — then they would accept Dogecoin.

With that, fans took advantage of the opportunity and have already created more than 50 GrimaceCoin’s and one has already valued 200,000%. Another similar case happened after an American congressman mentioned a cryptocurrency that did not exist and it appreciated 400,000% after being created.

In addition to being a bad idea to put your money in memecoins, the risk increases even more if the coin is newly created. According to analysis, it is possible that this coin is a scam.

McDonald’s will accept Doge if Tesla accepts GrimaceCoin

After nudging cryptocurrency investors over the recent crash, McDonald’s received a proposal from Elon Musk to accept Dogecoin as a form of payment at its fast-food chain.

In response, McDonald’s made a counter-proposal, stating that it would only accept Doge if Musk’s Tesla company accepted GrimaceCoin, a cryptocurrency that didn’t even exist.

“Only if Tesla accepts GrimaceCoin”

Grimace is another character in the restaurant who, alongside Ronald McDonald, and 16 others, promotes the company’s brand. However, it is worth noting that the GrimaceCoin cryptocurrency did not even exist, until then.

Users create 50 GrimaceCoin’s and one of them values ​​200,000%

Taking advantage of the opportunity, several users created more than 50 cryptocurrencies under the name of GrimaceCoin. Something similar happened after Facebook changed its name, at the time 85 coins were created taking advantage of the Meta hype.

As a result, one of them stood out among these 50, valuing more than 200,000% in 12 hours, as shown in the chart below.

GrimaceCoin cryptocurrency chart. Source: PooCoin

Of course, this cryptocurrency has nothing to do with McDonald’s, the same goes for all the others. Therefore, the livecoins does not recommend that you invest in yet another meme coin.

In addition, there is also a high chance that its price has been manipulated to attract investors. According to analysis by the BSCheck website, it is also possible that this token is a honeypot.

“It is possible to sell, on report generation, but suspicious trade status variables detected in the contract code (trade can be blocked at any time).”

Finally, we hope that McDonald’s forgets about Doge and Grimace and starts accepting Bitcoin as it already does in El Salvador. After all, the world needs a hard currency and not a new memecoin a week.

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