Netflix is ​​happy with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision/Blizzard

According to the platform, the acquisition reinforces that subscription services are a great format to connect users

Netflix seems to be fine pleased with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision/Blizzard. According to the platform, the purchase reinforces the idea that a subscription service is effective and an excellent way to connect consumers around the world.

Netflix COO and head of production Greg Peters commented during the shareholders’ meeting that the acquisition reinforces the company’s vision of subscription services. “Such an expansion will demonstrate the validity of the subscription service idea as far as the gaming industry is concerned,” commented Peters..

For him, Microsoft’s action will strengthen Xbox Game Pass, which already has more than 25 million subscriptions. In this way, subscription services within the gaming universe should continue to gain strength.

Netflix enters the gaming world

Recently, the streaming platform Netflix began to take its first steps into the gamer universe. In early 2022, the company has already launched two new games for its subscription service.

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Greg Peters states that the platform will expand the service, offering new casual and hardcore games during the year 2022. Although they are taking their first steps in the market, the platform is thinking about the future and has acquired the studio Night School, developer of Oxenfree, in addition to hiring developers.

According to Netflix, the results obtained with the launch of casual games inspired by some of its successful series such as Stranger Things were positive. THE COO comments that since the launch of the games, the number of monthly users and daily active users has increased, however without revealing data on the increase.

From what we can see, Netflix should continue investing in the gamer universe, seeking to generate results and increase the number of subscriptions to the service. On the other hand, the acquisition of Microsoft, when finalized, should also significantly increase Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.


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