Neymar’s mother is being blackmailed | Column Fábia Oliveira

One of the great mysteries of the world of celebrities is to know what keeps the relationship between Nadine Gonçalves and Tiago Ramos, after so many scandals. And this humble columnist just discovered a strong reason why Neymar’s mother remains linked to tiktoker: blackmail!

According to a source in the column, Tiago would have been threatening Nadine for some time, with an intimate video, where the couple would appear having sex. This type of attitude constitutes a crime, but the mother of the PSG star, for fear of a scandal, has so far preferred not to call the police.

According to information gathered by the column, Nadine’s family already know of the existence of the video. This would even be one more reason for the children and friends of Neymar’s mother to hate Tiago and demand that the relationship be definitively ended. Rafaela, daughter of Nadine, is one of the most disgusted with the situation.

Currently living in Belo Horizonte, Tiago has a history of fights with Nadine, where in some of them he would have become violent, according to another source in the column. The last trouble took place in an apartment in Rio, which Tiago is forbidden to return to, after breaking things in the property and threatening Nadine.

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Away from his ex-girlfriend, Tiago has been seen around the region where he lives, in Minas, causing some problems. Neighbors complain that he screams, makes a lot of noise and doesn’t respect the neighborhood. It is not uncommon for the boy to use Neymar’s name to attract attention, even talking intimately about his sex life with Nadine.

The video of them having sex would even be known to these tiktoker neighbors, who, even without asking, are forced to see the images on Tiago’s cell phone.

The romance between Tiago Ramos and Nadine Gonçalves was revealed in April 2020. Before that, the boy would have been boyfriend of Neymar’s family cook in Europe. Tiago never hid that he was a fan of Neymar and dreamed of being a football player. The famous stepson, however, never opened up to his new stepfather.

Sought by Instagram and by phone, Tiago did not respond to our attempts to contact him. The column remains, however, open for him to give his version of this confusion.

Nadine Gonçalves’ advice denies that she is with Tiago and says that there is no intimate video.

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