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After the threat of being sued by Maíra Cardi, Paulo Vieira used social media this Tuesday (25) to mock the attitude of Arthur Aguiar’s wife, confined to BBB 22. “Branco thinks only they have lawyers”, wrote the comedian. on your Twitter profile.

The exchange of barbs between the two began on January 23 when the former BBB said she was outraged that Arthur Aguiar broke and broke the diet – a month before entering the confinement, the actor had lost nine kilos.

“Baby, you couldn’t have eaten bread. You just destroyed all the work I did on your little body. Nine kilos are gone for nothing. Thirty days with that little body fighting to be there beautiful and show it to all Brazil watching you eat bread. Don’t do that”, shouted the influencer in a series of videos published in Stories.

Following, without naming names, Paulo Vieira expressed himself on Twitter about the message of the former BBB (Maíra participated in the 2009 edition of the reality). “He IS involuntary, but the girl’s fatphobia makes me feel a ‘well done’ for each gaia that already took”, wrote the comedian, poking at the fact that the influencer had been betrayed numerous times by the actor. However, he soon deleted the post.

Two days after the fact, Maíra Cardi criticized Paulo Vieira’s attitude and refuted the accusations of having been fatphobic. For her, it was the comedian who acted with such behavior on social networks. “This is very serious news, there will be a lawsuit, because the internet is no longer no man’s land. People need to be punished and they will. Especially with such a serious issue.”

bread of discord

In a series of videos in Stories, the influencer claims that she made a joke after being asked by a friend that she would be more worried about Arthur eating bread than about other things.

“You don’t need to have two neurons to know it’s a joke. They understood the joke and acted maliciously. They pretended they didn’t understand because they like the stage. .

“You accused me of being overweight, which is unacceptable to me and I have a lot of repudiation and repulsion for fatphobic people. All of Brazil knows that I work with weight loss. I lost weight Lexa, Larissa Manoela, Ludmilla, Sorocaba… my team, we have lost weight over 500 thousand people. So, if there is a person who has a place to talk about weight loss, that person is me”, he continued.

In her speech, Maíra also stressed that she works with acceptance and that she looks at the wound from the inside out. “I was very upset. I think it’s absurd for a great artist to take a fragment without understanding anything, without seeing that it was clearly a joke and taking it to a place that didn’t fit.”

“At no time does he have fatphobic speech. I wanted to make it clear that this person will be prosecuted because I don’t allow you to play with such a serious pain, which is my life, my work. I dedicate my life to these people who fight against people who bully and who struggle with weight,” he added.

Maíra repeatedly criticized Paulo Vieira’s stance, but without mentioning the actor’s name, except when she aired an excerpt from a Globo program in which she appears as a character in a report.

“I’m talking about a single person, an opinion leader who shouldn’t have taken things out of context. That’s not done! Fatphobia is a crime! And raising a flag like that out of context is even more so. I don’t admit it. one person against fatphobia is me. I work and live this pain 24 hours a day.”

wanted by TV newsPaulo Vieira did not want to talk about it, but then he expressed himself with the provocation on Twitter:

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