Paulinho manages to overcome all Corinthians and Ferroviria players even playing 1/3 of the game

The midfielder Paulinho came on just 15 minutes into the second half on Tuesday night and participated in the final half hour of the match between Corinthians and Ferroviária, at Neo Química Arena. Still, the player ended the duel with six shots on goal, more than any of the other 29 athletes who entered the field.

From the moment he stepped on the lawn of Itaquera until the final whistle of the referee, shirt 15 alvinegro finished six times in the opposing goal. No teammate or opponent has managed to come close to that number.

The first shot was a blocked shot from the edge of the area and the second a header to the right of goalkeeper Saulo. Paulinho also entered the middle of the defense, stopping at goalkeeper Saulo, headed two balls in corners – one of them saved over the line – and hit a volley kick.

Róger Guedes, with four kicks, was second in the category. Paulinho’s count could be even higher if shirt 9 had triggered his teammate in a stolen ball in midfield – the attacker preferred to cut to his left foot and ended up unarmed.

Paulinho, by the way, was close to Ferroviária’s total number of shots, which kicked seven times against Corinthians’ goal. The player sent two on Saulo’s goal, more than any other teammate.

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