Petrobras (PETR4) continues negotiations with PetroRio (PRIO3) to sell Albacora; MRV (MRVE3) approves BRL 700 million in debentures and more

The corporate news on Wednesday (26) highlights news about the sale of the Albacora and Albacora Leste fields by Petrobras (PETR3;PETR4) is still in the negotiation phase with the consortia led by PetroRio (PRIO3).

Inepar (INEP4) reported that Melville Capital proposed the acquisition of UPI IPM/IOG for US$125 million.

Carrefour Brasil (CRFB3), in turn, should carry out the divestment of 11 stores to complete the acquisition of Grupo Big.

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Petrobras (PETR3; PETR4) said that the sale of the Albacora and Albacora Leste fields, in the Campos Basin, is still in the negotiation phase with the consortia led by PetroRio (PRIO3).

Thus, according to the state-owned company, there is no set date for the conclusion of the negotiations and the signing of the contracts. Offers for both fields topped $4 billion.

The company also clarifies that the conclusion of the transaction will depend on the outcome of the negotiations, as well as the necessary corporate approvals.

Petrobras also reported that about 1,370 direct employees have covid-19, 3.4% of a total of almost 40,000 employees.


MRV (MRVE3) yesterday (25) approved the 21st issue of simple debentures in the amount of R$ 700 million.

The issuance of debentures will be carried out in a single series. 700,000 shares will be issued. The value of each will be R$ 1 thousand. Remuneration will be paid semiannually.

Inepar (INEP4) informed that Melville Capital proposed the acquisition of UPI IPM/IOG for US$ 125 million, with 65% of the value of the UPI Price corresponding to the value stipulated for the properties and fixed assets incorporated therein and 35% of the value of the price corresponding to the business value of the UPI IPM/IOG operating units, including assets, intellectual property and other intangibles.

Carrefour (CRFB3)

Carrefour (CRFB3) should sell eleven units, already listed by Cade, depending on Cade’s final determination to complete the purchase of Grupo Big Brasil. They are located in Rio Grande do Sul, Ceará and Pernambuco. The news is from the newspaper Valor.

The General Superintendence of CADE recommended the approval of the acquisition of Grupo BIG Brasil by the retailer, through the execution of an Agreement on Control of Concentrations (ACC), which determines the divestment of some stores.

Banco Inter (BIDI4; BIDI11) completed the acquisition of Usend, which took place just over a month after the Central Bank gave its approval for the operation.

The North American fintech has been operating in the foreign exchange and financial services market for 16 years. The company has licenses to operate as a Money Transmitter in more than 40 American states and has more than 150,000 customers who have, in addition to wallet, debit card and bill payment services, access to mobile recharge and gift cards .

Embraer said it had successfully completed the reintegration of the main information technology systems and processes in the commercial aviation business.


The activities carried out throughout the month of January took place without prejudice to the continuity of the company’s essential operations.

The reorganization resulting from this process started in May 2020, since then it has been one of Embraer’s main focuses, as part of the review of the strategic plan and the execution of initiatives to take advantage of skills and recover synergies, ensuring operational and eliminating fiscal inefficiencies as an integrated, less complex and more agile management can offer.


Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento (Corsan) confirmed that it will postpone its IPO. The company said it was a “decision of the controlling shareholder”, the government of Rio Grande do Sul.

BR Advisory (BRBI11)

The bank BR Advisory (BRBI11) approved the setting of the issue price of R$ 16.50 per Unit, object of its public offering of units. The Price per Unit was set based on the result of the procedure for collecting investment intentions (Bookbuilding Procedure), carried out with institutional investors.

Thus, the company increased its capital in the amount of R$ 5,697,516.00, which will increase from R$ 669,242,926.77 to R$ 674,940,442.77, through the issuance of 1,035,912 Shares Underlying the Units, being 345,304 Common Shares and 690,608 Preferred Shares, increasing the company’s capital from 313,951,200 shares to 314,987,112 shares.

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