Pope Francis Tells Parents of Gay Children to Offer Child Support Without ‘Condemnation’; Watch VIDEO | World

Pope Francis called on Wednesday (26) that children not be condemned for their sexual orientation by their parents.

“Parents who see different sexual orientations in their children, deal with it and accompany your children, and don’t hide in condemning behavior,” the pontiff said. “(…) I say to these parents not to be surprised (…) they should never condemn a child”.

The statement came during the general audience with the faithful, in the Vatican, in an impromptu moment, in which the leader of the Catholic Church spoke about the difficulties of fatherhood.

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Pope Francis in general audience on January 26, 2022 — Photo: Remo Casilli/Reuters

Pope Francis has already shown an interest in dialoguing with LGBTQIA+ Catholics, usually his messages are about welcoming these faithful.

Last year, the Pope stated that homosexual people have the right to be accepted by their families as children and brothers.

He has also defended, even though the Church does not recognize same-sex marriage, that civil union is a right for all.

In 2018, the Pontiff had already spoken out against the condemnation of homosexual children, that parents should give space to their children so that they could express themselves.

Also on Wednesday, the Pope announced that he has an inflammation in his knee that prevented him from walking to the traditional greeting to the faithful, at the end of the weekly general audience at the Vatican.

“Today I will not go among you to greet you, because I have a problem with my right leg. I have an inflamed knee ligament”, explained the Argentine pontiff to the faithful who attended the audience.

“It’s temporary. It seems that it’s something that happens to the elderly, so I don’t know why it happened to me”, he joked, causing laughter from the faithful.

Francis, who completes nine years of his pontificate in March, has problems with his sciatic nerve, something that causes him severe pain. Last July, he underwent a delicate colon operation.

His state of health is often the subject of rumors in the Vatican, especially from his critics.

During the audience, the Catholic leader also prayed for peace in Ukraine.

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