Prosecutor asks TCU for Coaf to clarify Moro’s fees

Under pressure, due to his as-yet-unclarified relationship with consultancy Alvarez & Marsal, former judge Sergio Moro may soon have to provide clarification and reveal how much he received in fees from the US-based company.

This Tuesday (25/1), Deputy Attorney Lucas Furtado, who works with the Federal Audit Court (TCU), asked Minister Bruno Dantas to request information from Banco do Brasil and Coaf (Council for the Control of Activities). Financial) on the income received by the former Minister of Justice at the consultancy, for which he worked after he left the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

Furtado wants Coaf and BB to disclose Moro’s earnings at the consultancy Janine Moraes/Chamber of Deputies

“Information involving public resources has, as a general rule, transparency, and the TCU may have access to such transactions. There is a clear conflict of interest in the contractual relationship under investigation. The cloak of confidentiality cannot be used to impede full knowledge by Brazilian society of fact with such relevance”, says Lucas Furtado in a file sent to Minister Bruno Dantas.

According to the deputy attorney, it is necessary to know all the documentation related to the termination of the service provision link between Moro and the company Alvares & Marsal, “in view of the possible conflict of interests of the former magistrate’s performance as a consultant in the judicial recovery administrator of the group of companies investigated and convicted by the ‘lava jet'”.

According to Furtado, the consulting firm in the United States received around R$40 million from companies linked to the “car wash”, of which R$1 million per month from Odebrecht e Ativos (former agro-industrial company), R$150,000 from Galvão Engenharia, R$ 97 thousand from OAS and R$ 115 thousand monthly from Estaleiro Enseada.

“The ‘lavajet’, without a doubt, was an impressive operation carried out in Brazil, which I even considered myself a fan and supporter. Of course, the fight against corruption and money laundering must take place in our country. However, unfortunately , the consequences of this operation have been a negative surprise, as well as the possible conflict of interests involving the operation and former judge Sergio Moro”, he reaffirms.

Presidential candidate Sergio Moro


The company refused to present contract data on the grounds that there would be a confidentiality clause, as well as that the contractual jurisdiction would lie with the United States. “I think this argument should not succeed. Former judge Sergio Moro ratified leniency agreements signed between the Federal Public Ministry and the companies of the Odebrecht group, which, in his actions, may have contributed to the company’s insolvency. Brazilian public in this relationship, given the possible conflict of interest of the agent (former judge) who, at first, acts in a legal process with repercussions on the economic and financial sphere of the company and who, later, earns income, albeit indirectly, in the judicial recovery process to which his acts may have contributed”, says the deputy attorney.

For him, it is evident that public agents who have incurred “in the possible illegalities that culminated in the nullity of the judicial proceedings conducted under all this partiality revealed in the dialogues that came to the public and already declared by the STF” must be held accountable. “In this sense, three cases have already been annulled, as the suspicion and partiality of ex-judge Sergio Moro in relation to ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was recognized by the Federal Supreme Court.”

In addition, Furtado notes that the history of the facts raises questions about the possible loss of tax revenue resulting from the Odebrecht judicial recovery process, as well as the unlikely recovery of amounts related to the leniency agreement entered into with the contractor, which will probably not be reverted to the treasury, since they constitute mere unsecured credits, without any privileges for the public creditor.

“We cannot forget the fact that we are facing a situation that involves high public resources, and it is important for the agencies to act in the best interest, that is, the pursuit of public interest and defense of the treasury”, says Furtado.

He also seeks to remove doubts about his performance raised by another deputy attorney, Júlio Marcelo, already identified as an admirer of former judge Moro and says that the process was opened based on a representation presented by him.

“When I offered the representation, there were doubts about the irregularities being investigated. The conflict of interest under analysis is evident! The facts must be ascertained in the most detailed way possible. As I am not the attorney appointed to act in the case, all my collaborations were carried out in an extra-procedural way through official letters to the rapporteur, who are responsible for evaluating the opportunity and convenience of the considerations”, he emphasizes.

And he goes further: “however, I am amazed that I am a colleague of this parquet bother so much with possible collaborations within the scope of the process. My performance is supported by the internal regulations, and there are no obstacles for letters to be forwarded to the rapporteur. There is no suspicion on my part, but I believe there is a possible conflict of action by Mr.

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