Rodrigo loses the line after being called ‘paranoid’ by Bárbara

Rodrigo Mussi lost the line after being called “paranoid” by Bárbara Heck at BBB 22. The two participants found each other strange in the early hours of Wednesday (26) and carried out an exchange of barbs. “Call me paranoid again, do you think I’m paranoid?” complained the commercial manager.

The discussion started when the sister and brother decided to talk about the game, at which point the model suggested that the competition for the prize of R$ 1.5 million could be “light”, and the confinement colleague disagreed.

“Aren’t you going to find a balance? So why did you go to make Maria and Natalia [Deodato] make peace? We can argue, fight, we can be light too”, insisted Bárbara.

After Rodrigo disagreed once again, the model got angry and stated that she is not conniving with all of her brother’s positions: “Yes, and I also don’t agree with several things you say. But I can’t tell you anything, because either you get paranoid or you think it’s me attacking you”.

Nervous with the comment, the commercial manager countered: “Call me paranoid again, you think I’m paranoid. You just said it. That’s all I hear about here, they say I’m paranoid, that I’m crazy. I just listen to that. . They talk all the time”, he grumbled before leaving the place.

Jessilane Alves, who also participated in the conversation, asked Barbara to avoid calling her confinement colleague “paranoid”. “It is better not [chamar], Ba. If he feels bad about it, don’t talk,” suggested the teacher.

After a few minutes, the two gathered in the house’s garden to settle accounts. “When I say ‘relax’ or ‘take it easy’, I don’t mean to stop playing. You got defensive with me. You were disappointed in me for the way I was talking. I don’t want to see you bad”, lamented the blonde.

“I liked you right away. But the jokes started to grow, every time someone ‘takes it easy’, who did I start trying to look for? A target. It’s very difficult to have a player without a target. That’s why I was displaced. I started to feel lost”, explained the confined.

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