Samsung claims to be aware of bug in Smart TVs and promises to fix soon

In the last week, Samsung consumers reported problems in the company’s community related to the operation of the Smart Hub on some models of the brand’s televisions, a failure that directly affects the operation of the device, but which still allows the use of basic features.

According to reports, when accessing the service, Smart TV is restarted and prevents the user from being able to run the main streaming applications on the device, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, among others.

It seems, the fault is mainly present on UE42F5500, UE46F6500 and UE40F6670 models in Europe and so far, there are no reports of this bug in other regions, reiterating that the issue is related to an update rather than a defect in the TV’s internal hardware.

While it didn’t teach users how to temporarily fix the issue, Samsung UK support took a stand on the matter on Twitter and claimed to be aware of the failure and that the manufacturer is “investigating the causes of the defect”comment that suggests the possibility of a software update soon.

  • According to the complaints, the bug is not fixed by manually resetting the device or resetting it to factory settings.

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