Samsung wants to make credit cards more secure; see how

This Tuesday (25), Samsung announced its new CI (Integrated Circuit, its acronym in English) of Security for credit and debit cards, the S3B512C. According to the South Korean company, the new IC is the first on the market to integrate a fingerprint sensora IF (Secure Element) and a secure processor in a single product.

According to Samsung, the new IC will enable payment cards with faster and safer interactions. With the fingerprint reader, no need to enter the password on a keyboard. This can prevent lost or stolen card transactions as the user’s identity will be verified “using a unique and securely stored fingerprint”.

Samsung claims the S3B512C reduces the chances of fraudulent transactionsSamsung claims the S3B512C reduces the chances of fraudulent transactionsSource: Disclosure: Samsung

How does the security process work?

The product security process works as follows: encrypted data fingerprint are stored in the SE, which has received international certifications such as EMVCo and CC EAL 6+. The Integrated Circuit also features a proprietary fingerprint authentication algorithm.

With the help of the Secure Processor, the algorithm extracts and analyzes the unique features of the fingerprint placed on the sensor. Finally, with its technology anti-spoofingthe chip prevents artificial fingerprints from being used.

Image: Samsung Galaxy A52

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