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In celebration of the 468th anniversary of São Paulo, Google has gathered the most frequently asked questions about the city by people who are in the capital of São Paulo.

The survey, obtained exclusively by the g1, shows that people from São Paulo and tourists who are in the city want to know “what to do in São Paulo.

In the list of the 20 most frequently asked questions, there are different versions of the question, such as: “what to do on sunday in sp”, “what to do in sp at night” and “what to do in sp on holiday”.

The “land of drizzle” also has the weather as a frequent topic, with questions such as “how many degrees is in sao paulo”, “when does winter end” and “when does the cold end?”.

The ranking was based on the most searches performed in the last 5 years by people who were in the city of São Paulo:

  1. What to do in SP?
  2. How many degrees is in São Paulo?
  3. When does winter end?
  4. What opens today in SP?
  5. What to eat in SP?
  6. How does the rotation work in SP?
  7. What to do in Vila Madalena?
  8. When does the cold end?
  9. What to do at Carnival in SP?
  10. How is the weather in SP?
  11. How is the traffic in SP?
  12. When does summer start in SP?
  13. Where to spend the new year in SP?
  14. When does winter start in São Paulo?
  15. What to do with a child in SP?
  16. When does the cold end in SP?
  17. When will the weather improve in SP?
  18. When is the next public holiday in São Paulo?
  19. São Paulo 1834, what happened?
  20. How long is the cold in SP?

Google facade in Irvine, California — Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake

The 19th most frequent question is one of the few that escapes the everyday questions of São Paulo residents.

The search is influenced by the movie “The Old Guard”, released in 2020, which cites a mission made by superheroes in the capital of São Paulo in 1834.

In that year, Brazil was still an Empire commanded by Dom Pedro II and on August 12 of that year, members of the Chamber of Deputies approved the Additional Act, which changed the text of the 1824 Constitution and created the Neutral Municipality, an administrative unit that existed in the territory corresponding to the current location of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

In other words, the film does not refer to a specific historical event in the city of São – probably the date was chosen for a fictional reason.

See the 10 questions related to “what to do in São Paulo” most searched by paulistanos in the last 2 years:

  1. What to do in SP?
  2. What to do Sunday in SP?
  3. What to do in SP at night?
  4. What to do in São Paulo today?
  5. What to do on holiday in SP?
  6. What to do at Carnival in SP?
  7. What to do on Monday in SP?
  8. What to do in SP tonight?
  9. What to do in Vila Madalena?
  10. What to do with a child in SP?

See the most searched neighborhoods by São Paulo residents in the last 2 years

  1. Itaquera‎
  2. Santo Amaro‎
  3. Mooca‎
  4. lapa‎
  5. Tatuapé
  6. Health‎
  7. Morumbi‎
  8. Ipiranga‎
  9. pine trees‎
  10. Moema‎

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