Sniper Elite 5: New trailer confirms 2022 release, first day on Xbox Game Pass

Sniper Elite 5 is back to show itself with a cinematic CG trailer that introduces something about the game story and new scenario, which seems to focus mainly between France and Great Britain, again on the Second World War fronts.

The trailer also reiterates that Sniper Elite 5 will arrive in 2022, although there is no precise release date yet, and that will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, available day one on Xbox Game Pass. It is not yet a gameplay video, but in the meantime the trailer can immerse us well in the atmosphere of this new chapter, announced last December.

In the trailer we see the protagonist engaged in an infiltration mission in a Nazi base, jumping between the roofs of a cathedral turned into an occupation outpost to be able to attack from afar and with precision, as usual for the series in question.

With the publication of the trailer also comes information about the “Invasion” mode, in which a multiplayer system is proposed in which players find themselves entering the campaigns of other users, trying to eliminate each other. An idea of ​​this concept actually also emerges from the trailer, as at the end a second sniper appears targeting what appears to be the story’s protagonist, in a particular mix of events.

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