Thais Fersoza reveals crying and anguish on Globo after separation with Teló

Thais Cristina dos Santos Teló, better known as Thais Fersoza returned to be among the most commented names of the moment in this last week. This is because the woman of Michel Telo is now part of The Voice+ and is very happy to be part of the attraction of Globe. However, the actress surprised by exposing that she had a lot of crying backstage.

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During a conversation with Gshow, the former Record contractor gave details of the backstage and spoke about her experience on the musical program.

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“I am so happy, so grateful, so fulfilled. I wanted so much this moment to show my side as a presenter. I’m a big fan of the show, I’ve always followed it. And ‘The Voice +’ speaks differently to me. Our dreams are never lost, they are always kept there in our hearts. It will be very exciting, an unforgettable experience”, declared Thaís Fersoza.

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Michel Teló’s wife also explained that she is having a lot of crying in the recordings. “Behind the scenes, it’s a really unifying feeling, everyone involved, emotional. It is done with care, with dedication. It has a tune, an energy, a warmth of wanting to make it happen. I think it’s magical. Since I started recording, I’ve been very emotional”, said the famous from The Voice+.

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The famous presenter of Globo, Thaís Fersoza spoke about The Voice+ and the backstage of the station (Photo: Reproduction)
The famous presenter of Globo, Thaís Fersoza spoke about The Voice+ and the backstage of the station (Photo: Reproduction)

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It is worth remembering that Lene Sensitiva recently shocked when she informed that the relationship between the Globo contractor and Michel Teló would come to an end. In addition, the singer confessed to the newspaper Extra that his marriage was not perfect. “Fights are completely natural. There are the difficulties, the difficult moments of the couple. I come with my luggage, with my way of being, with what I learned from my parents”.

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