The power of legumes: 7 reasons to include them in your diet

Perhaps, one of foods most popular in Brazilwithout a doubt, are the beans, which are characterized by being the basis of an infinity of recipes. They are certainly essential for a large number of options, not only because of their price, which is not that high, compared to some other elements, but also because it is an option loaded with nutrients.

Bean and legumes In general, they can be one of the proteins most outstanding in terms of fiber, iron and vitamins, even for this reason, they have become one of the best options for people who have stopped consuming source products animal. This is mainly done because it can be one of the best substitutes in terms of animal protein. But legumes go much further and we tell you which 7 of the benefits can help you in your health.

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The power of legumes: 7 reasons to include them in your diet


Protein is a vital nutrient for health and plays a prominent role in the body, so legumes are recommended as a great choice because they are extremely rich and complete.


One of the most outstanding and essential elements of the legumesUndoubtedly, it is folate, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells.


Something that stands out from legumes is their high content. antioxidantwhich can be ideal for reducing problems cholesterol or the heart in general. They are also ideal for fighting the problem of free radicals, which are harmful chemicals in the body.

heart health

Due to the mention of their high antioxidant content, it has been much emphasized that they can be a great choice for the heart and will help to reduce cardiovascular problems.

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Reducing the risk of cancer

Much has also been highlighted that the grains were loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatorieswhich may cause risk-reducing effects to reduce the risk of cancer.

gut health

Due to its high content of fibers, pulses have emerged as an ideal option to help improve intestinal problems. With this food, the intestines will work much better and you will avoid annoying constipation problems.

fatty liver

A large number of studies have made it known that pulses can be an ideal treatment for fatty liver diseases. This occurs, mainly because the proteins animals are usually rich in fat and beans, if applicable, its content of fat is much smaller and will help reduce obesity, blood pressure and other aspects of metabolic syndrome.

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