Tiago Abravanel’s behavior shocks even Silvio Santos’ daughters

SBT heirs, Patricia and Rebeca Abravanel showed that they are following the competitor and are on top of everything their nephew, Tiago Abravanel, has been doing during the confinement of BBB22. The current presenter of the Silvio Santos Program used social networks to publish a photo with her mouth open with the striptease made by the singer with a song by Alok.

“Me and Rebeca watching Tiago stripping at BBB”, wrote Patricia Abravanel in the caption of the photo next to Rebeca Abravanel. Fábio Faria’s wife even stated that she had never watched the program before and that, this time, she would not miss it for anything. “I do not believe! How brave! I’ve never watched a BBB. Now I’ll have to watch! I don’t even know what day it is! What courage! Imagine the butterflies in your stomach. My God! May he surprise us and conquer us even more with his charisma, cheerful and sensitive personality,” she declared.

Recently, Fernando Poli, husband of Tiago Abravanel, shared the details of the meeting of friends and family to watch the grandson of Silvio Santos debuting in Big Brother Brazil. In the details of the fraternization, Lígia Abravanel, Tiago’s older sister, appeared waving pom-poms, which arrived in a sanitized box, directly from Silvio Santos’ auditorium.

When the singer and actor entered the reality show house, all his friends waved the classic colorful pom poms used by the audience of the Silvio Santos Program for many decades. “Hello, Silvio Santos! Directly from your grandpa’s program. Thank you. They lent them for luck and for us to use them here today”, said Fernando Poli. The get-together was held at Tiago Abravanel’s apartment, in São Paulo. Silvio Santos is on his fateful vacation season in the United States.

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