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TikTok, social network, tiktokers, bytedance, china (Photo: Getty Images)

TikTok was the fastest growing brand in the last year (Photo: Getty Images)

the british consultancy Brand Finance announced this Wednesday (26) the Global 500 2022, a ranking of the 500 most valuable brands in the world. Every year, the company analyzes 5,000 brands, evaluating the market value and strength – an attribute that considers reputation, marketing expenses, acquisitions, and market share, among other factors. The 500 most valuable and strongest brands in the world are then included in the annual Brand Finance Global 500 ranking.

Apple remains the leader among the most valuable companies and sets a new record for the list with a market valuation of $355.1 billion. amazon and Google remain in the next podium positions, valued at US$350.3 billion and US$263.4 billion, respectively.

The technology sector has also remained in the spotlight, largely thanks to Apple, Microsoft and Samsung, which account for more than 50% of the sector’s market valuation. This year, the Chinese Huawei returned to the top 10,.

Retail has cemented its position as the second most valuable sector, passing the $1 trillion valuation. A move that drew attention this year was the rise of Walmart, which surpassed Samsung and took fifth place on the list, with a market value of US$ 111.9 billion.

The fastest growing brand

TikTok was the fastest growing brand in the last year. Chinese company ByteDance, which owns the app, saw growth of 215%, from US$18.7 billion in 2021 to US$59 billion this year. In this way, the brand ranked 18th among the 500 most valuable.

In a world taken by the pandemic, the short video app fulfilled a double function. On the one hand, it offered accessible and fun content for an entire population that had massively migrated to digital and needed lightness to survive the crisis. At the same time, it has emerged as an opportunity for content creators around the world to showcase – and monetize – their work.

“Media consumption has increased during the covid-19 pandemic, but, in addition, the way we consume it has irrevocably changed”, evaluates in the report David Haigh, president and CEO of Brand Finance. “The meteoric growth of TikTok is proof Plus – the brand has gone from relative obscurity to international renown in just a few years and shows no signs of slowing down.”

Among the sectors, the one that grew the most was the pharmaceutical, thanks to the development of vaccines and tests for covid-19. Johnson & Johnson is the most valuable ($13.4 billion) and AstraZeneca had the highest growth (77%), reaching $5.6 billion.

The United States and China continued to dominate the rankings, while India enjoyed the fastest growth throughout the pandemic. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ranked first among the world’s top 250 CEOs

The only Brazilian brand in the ranking is Itaú, which rose 53 positions compared to the 2021 edition and jumped to 335th place, with a market valuation of US$ 6.6 billion.

See below the ranking of the top 20 in terms of market value, and the Top 10 in terms of growth speed and brand strength.

The 20 Most Valuable

1. apple
two. amazon
3. Google
4. Microsoft
5. Walmart
6. Samsung Group
7. Facebook
9. Huawei
10. verizon
11. China Construction Bank
12. Toyota
13. WeChat
14. Agriculture Bank of China
15. Mercedes-Benz
16. State Grid
17. Deitsche Telekom
18. TikTok
19. disney
20. Home Depot

The 10 that grew the most

1. TikTok
two. Snapchat
3. Kakao
4. OMG
5. BYD
6. Nvidia
7. twitter
8. astraZeneca
9. Coupang
10. CDW

the 10 strongest

1. WeChat
two. Coke
3. Google
4. YouTube
5. naver
6. Sber
7. Ferrari
8. amazon
9. deloitte
10. Pepsi

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