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FIEAC’s first schedule of visits and meetings in 2022, with the industrial sector in the interior of the state, had excellent reception. When traveling through some municipalities in the Juruá Valley, from January 20th to 24th, entrepreneurs from that region answered the call and were present at the meetings held wherever the scenario was.

The president of FIEAC, José Adriano, and the directors of the institution, João Paulo de Assis (president of Sindmineral), Augusto Nepomucena (president of Sindmóveis), José Afonso Boaventura (president of Sindigraf), Márcio Agiolfi (president of Sindicer), the Sincon vice-president, Elaynne Guimarães, and the new Secretary of State for Industry and Technology, Assurbanipal Mesquita, brought in their luggage agendas such as corporate leadership, the integration of institutions with entrepreneurs and nuclei of existing industries in those localities, as well as presenting the achievements that the industrial sector obtained from the State Government (Governmental Procurement Program, Civil Construction Incentive Program and tax incentives).

According to Adriano, the objective was also to seek support from mayors for the municipalization of these incentive laws and to guide entrepreneurs to qualify and, thus, be able to participate in these programs. “This is a milestone for the sector. We are with strong entrepreneurs who are willing to continue investing in the municipalities to generate employment for our young people. We are bringing laws passed unanimously by the Legislative Assembly, showing respect for our work. Now, we are looking for support to also transform them into municipal laws, encouraging even more the strengthening of our economy”, said he, who is also president of the Deliberative Council of Sebrae in Acre.

“Starting today, we are going to give a kick to the business community of Feijó to become stronger. I believe that we all left here satisfied with this meeting and we expect positive results”, highlighted the mayor of Feijó, Kiefer Cavalcante. The municipality was the first one visited by the caravan, being highly prestigious by local businessmen. “I brought my team from CPL and Legal so that they could also listen to them and study the laws and find the best way to support them, because we do want to help”, guaranteed Maria Lucinéia, mayor of Tarauacá, whose meeting ended the visit schedule, this Monday, 24.

INCENTIVE TO INDUSTRY – In Cruzeiro do Sul, on the 21st, accompanied by the FIEAC coordinator in Juruá, Janaina Terças, the group was also well received, visited industries and had its efforts in the fight for strengthening the sector recognized by local businessmen.

“Malharia Ouro Branco presents President José Adriano with the word ‘Gratitude’. The fruit of our success today is due to his fight for the approval of these laws that stimulate local industries. This will greatly enrich our state”, thanked businesswoman Eucilania Cordeiro de Oliveira, during a meeting in the second largest city in Acre.

Another topic that was widely celebrated by the business sector during the meetings was the rise of former FIEAC Institutional Relations advisor, Assurbanipal Mesquita, to the position of Secretary of State for Industry, Science and Technology (Seict). “I was very honored by the nomination of my name, as I come from the industrial sector and I hope to be able to contribute in the best way to the development of the state”, pointed out the new secretary. “It’s the first time we’ve had someone on our side, really representing us. I hope we can make progress on the agenda and have a much faster and more precise dialogue with the government”, concluded Adriano.

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