Windows 11 will have new visuals and new task manager

Windows users and tech enthusiasts went electric last Wednesday, January 19th. This is because they were able to gain access to the Windows 11 news, which is being produced by Microsoft.

Through Twitter, images of screenshots began to appear, where it was possible to see some of the platform updates. In addition, the change was viewable through build number 22538 for Windows Insiders.

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Thus, Internet users were able to access the package containing a new version of the program that appeared discreetly. And, according to these netizens, the program will come with important changes.

What’s New in Windows 11

  • New task manager

What most caught the attention of Internet users was the new task manager. According to an announcement on Twitter, this manager is based on Fluent Design, which is still in the testing phase.

In addition, users were also informed that for now, the tool is still hidden and practically broken. However, through this demo, it was possible to get a glimpse of what Windows is working on.

However, these are not the only novelties, as in the compilation, the new Windows 11 version will have novelties such as a virtual keyboard with voice command. Also, there will be improvements to the app switcher, and users are still expecting more changes.

  • Changes in visual identity

The main change in the look of the program is certainly the darker color tone, which would work as a kind of dark mode. This function already adhered to by other programs and websites comes as a novelty for Windows.

In addition, through the images widely publicized on Twitter, it was possible to notice that there was a change in the positioning of the tabs, which will be on the side. Other changes were also observed in the windows, which had rounded edges.

However, there is no set release date yet, although this small demo indicates that it is close. So, while Windows 11 doesn’t arrive, you can place your bets on possible changes and share this article with that friend of yours who also loves technology.

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