Abel doesn’t see room for Copinha champions

At the press conference after the 3-0 victory over Ponte Preta, for Paulistão, coach Abel Ferreira praised the Palmeiras under-20 team, champion of the São Paulo Cup. But he made it very clear that he doesn’t see players playing regularly on the professional team.

“It will be very difficult for any player to play for Palmeiras now,” he said, referring to the athletes revealed by the club. He even cited the cases of Renan, Veron and Wesley, who today have acted less.

“For you to see how difficult it is to play in this team,” he said.

The coach also recalled that from the champion group of Copinha, Vanderlan, Gabriel Silva and Giovani are also Libertadores champions, for having played in the 2020 and 2021 editions.

Finally, in the face of this, he gave two hints in the direction. The first was when he said that the board should think about what is best for the club, and that sometimes selling can be a better option.

It is worth remembering that striker Giovani was approached for a negotiation for 12 million euros (R$ 73 million), and the club rejected the negotiation. President Leila Pereira said that the player will not leave the club for less than his contractual fine of 60 million euros -R$366 million.

Abel also made an appeal for the club, once the next player is sold, to build a first-rate CT for the youth teams, a project that has existed since the mandate of Mauricio Galiotte, but has never been implemented.

“That’s what Palmeiras needs to complete this cycle of excellence with the great human resources that are here”, he said.

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