‘BBB 22’: Jade Picon curls up with a juicer, wastes fruit and becomes a meme on the web

This Wednesday (26), Jade Picon won memes on the internet when trying to make an orange juice at the “BBB 22” xepa. That’s because the girl didn’t know how to use the manual juicer that she has in the house.

The blogger pressed the oranges very tightly against the juicer, but did not rotate them, leaving only a hole in the middle of each orange. The result was little juice and a lot of fruit waste in the sink. On social media, viewers did not forgive the girl and joked with her, explaining how to use the utensil.

“The oranges all without squeezing going to the trash”, wrote one of them on Twitter.

“Jade spoiling 3 oranges to make two fingers of juice lol”, posted another.

“Turn it, just turn it, Jade. Four oranges for half a glass”, observed another, laughing at the situation.

“I’ve had 3 types of heart attacks watching Jade make orange juice. 10 oranges for each glass, at least. Someone from the production team teaches the girl that she needs to rotate the oranges and not squeeze them. Oh, what agony!”, posted an account. .

Taking advantage of the situation, other netizens recalled an episode that took place on “BBB 20”, in which singers Gabi Martins and Manu Gavassi bought more than a hundred oranges for xepa.

The two tried to return the fruit throughout the week, when they realized that it was too much for the participants who were in the xepa.

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