Brunna Gonçalves says she doesn’t keep gifts from fans

In the early hours of this Wednesday (26), Brunna Gonçalves forgot that the whole of Brazil was watching it and threw the ball away when revealing the fate of the gifts he receives from the fans.

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Brunna Gonçalves, talking to Naiara Azevedo and Maria, said that she receives all kinds of pampering: “I received a lamp, diary, case… Everything you can imagine and I don’t keep anything. I don’t. Before entering the ‘BBB’, they gave me a little string”. Her colleagues were surprised that she was such a detached person.

After this bombastic revelation, the number of gifts received in Brunna Gonçalves’ mailbox should drop considerably.

BBB 22: Luciano is the first to be eliminated (Photo: Reproduction)
BBB 22: Luciano is the first to be eliminated (Photo: Reproduction)

Find out who was the first eliminated from BBB 22:

On Tuesday night (25), the first participant eliminated from BBB 22 was announced, the brother of the Pipoca group, Luciano Estevan, with 49.31% of the votes.

Before disclosing Luciano’s name, Tadeu Schmidt made his speech about the first wall of the 22nd edition of Big Brother Brazil. “When I saw this Paredão, these walls… By the way, when I saw this BBB, that first week, the question that came to my mind was: What do you want? I want to get into Big Brother, that’s all I want. Oh really? Then come here and don’t commit. Come to the game and don’t want to play?”, began the presenter.

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“Is it possible to like everything and everyone all the time? It’s like that in our normal life. Does it have to be like this in the middle of a game, in the middle of the race for a prize? You can enjoy it in there, but do you think people are enjoying it out here? It’s the people out here who decide who wins this game and many of them would do anything to be there”, continued the Globo contractor.

Tadeu Schmidt continued: “So, what do you want? Want a million and a half? Want to be a champion? Do you want to tell everyone that you won the BBB? Or want an experience? Want to play or want to play? Do you want to improve your life or just want a few days of vacation in a house full of cameras?”.

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