Fight Club | Creator reacts to movie ending change on streaming in China

After censoring the end of the movie ‘Fight Club‘, bringing it closer to that of the book, the Tencent Video draws the attention of Chuck Palahniuk, who commented on the matter.

Yes, the ending we know of the protagonist holding hands with Marla as the buildings explode, doesn’t exist in the “Chinese Netflix” cut. Instead, a caption shows that the police discovered Tyler’s plans in time, and the bombs never went off.

About this, Chuck Palahniuk used Twitter to speak out, mocking the action of the Tencent Video, according to him: “Have you ever seen this shit? This is SUPER wonderful! Everyone has a happy ending in China!“.

The Chinese ending of the feature is closer to the book, where after shooting himself in the mouth to get rid of Tyler, the narrator wakes up in a place that he believes is heaven, but is actually a psychiatric institution in which he was hospitalized. However, this is not the intention of the change. According to the website vice, the distributor wanted to show that the law always triumphs over crime for the Chinese.

The website further states that “the film was edited by the copyright owner, and then approved by the Chinese government before being sold to streaming sites for distribution.” The film’s Chinese publisher, Pacific Audio & Video Co., is an affiliate of state-owned Guangdong TV.

Released in 1999, ‘Fight Club‘ is a cult hit that aggressively tackles topics like consumerism, driven by David Fincher. The feature adapts a book of the same name, written by Chuck Palahniuk.

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