Goal at the end of the game prevents Atlético-MG’s defeat in the debut of Turco Mohamed – 01/26/2022

There were only ten days between Atlético-MG’s first training session in 2022 and the team’s debut in the Campeonato Mineiro. With a completely reserve formation, Galo only tied with Villa Nova, 1-1, at Estádio Castor Cifuentes, in Nova Lima, for the first round of the State Championship. The goals were scored by striker Thiago Mosquito, for the home team, and Dylan Borrero, for the white-and-white club. The game also marked the debut of coach Antonio Mohamed, who had only a week and a half of work.

In nothing the team that was on the field this Wednesday remembered the team that last season won the Brazilian Championship and the Copa do Brasil. Physically below the opponent, who started pre-season in 2021, Atlético was saved by a goal in the 43rd minute of the second half.

Who did well: Dylan Borrero

The young Colombian came on during the second half and saved the team. He scored the goal that prevented the defeat to Villa, but not only because of the goal. Dylan did well and was responsible for the few good moments of the Atletico attack.

Who was bad: Guilherme Castilho

One of the highlights of Juventude in the last edition of the Brazilian Championship, Guilherme Castilho was reinstated to the Atlético squad. In the first chance in the first team, the young player had a dull performance and could not help the team offensively. He only spent 45 minutes on the field.

Mohamed’s debut: Atlético far from ideal

The Atletica pre-season started on January 17, in Cidade do Galo. Ten days later the team was already on the field for the first round of the Campeonato Mineiro. The short working time prevents any kind of assessment of Turco Mohamed’s responsibility in the tie in Nova Lima. The Argentine coach did not even have all the players and had athletes who are far from ideal physical shape.

Absence of the Brazilian champion patch

In Atlético’s first game in 2022, some fans noticed the absence of the patch in allusion to the Brazilian Championship title. By the club’s option, the shirt used in Nova Lima did not make any reference to last year’s titles.

Overshadowed debuts at Atletico

Two of the three reinforcements hired by Atlético in 2022 were starters against Villa Nova: forwards Ademir and Fábio Gomes. And both did not have any shine in the first exhibition with the white shirt. Ademir even participated a little more in the match, but he was nowhere near able to repeat the good plays of América’s time. Fábio Gomes was less participative and missed Atlético’s best opportunity in the match.


Villa Nova 1 x 1 Atletico MG
Place: Castor Cifuentes Stadium, Nova Lima (MG)
Hour: 7pm (from Brasilia)
Referee: Felipe Fernandes de Lima (MG)
Assistants: Felipe Alan Costa de Oliveira (SP) and Marcyano da Silva Vicente (MG)
VAR: there is not
Yellow cards: Branquinho and Thiago Mosquito (VIL); Guga (CAM)
Goal: Thiago Mosquito in the 42nd minute of the first half; Dylan Borrero in the 43rd minute of the second half.

Villa Nova: Glaycon; Danilo Belão, Gabriel Furtado, Kadu, Hipólito; Leandro Salino, Wesley (Gustavo, at 17th of the 2nd), Renan Mota (Klysman, at 33rd of the 2nd) and Branquinho (Adriano Amorim, at 33rd of the 2nd); Alessandro Vinicius and Thiago Mosquito. Technician: Bruno Pivetti.

Atlético-MG: Rafael, Guga, Igor Rabello, Vitor Mendes and Dodô; Tchê Tchê, Castilho (Zaracho, at half-time) and Echaporã (Savarino, at half-time); Ademir (Felipe Felício, at 30 of the 2nd), Sasha (Dylan Borrero, at 17 of the 2nd) and Fábio Gomes. Technician: Turkish Mohamed.

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