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Companies have continued to pay big dividends this year, says Genial (Image: Money Times/Diana Cheng)

Those who invested in passive income, especially in commodity stocks, reaped good dividends, even with the collapse of the Ibovespa (IBOV) last year.

the rise of iron ore fattened the cash of companies like OK (VALE3), Gerdau (GGBR4;GGBR3) and Usiminas (USIM5).

In addition Gerdau Metallurgical (GOUA4), holding company that controls Gerdau (GGBR4), and the Bradespar (BRAP4), holding company controlled by Bradesco (BBDC4) that invests in OK (VALE3), also surfed this wave, paying good dividends for the year.

Another sector, the food sector, yielded handsome income thanks to the positive cycle of cattle in the US and with the exchange rate favoring strong cash generation by meatpackers, such as JBS (JBSS3) and Marfrig (MRFG3), which have most of their operations in the American market.

And 2022?

According to Great Investments, the scenario will be challenging for 2022.

“The interest factor in Brazil and in the world should greatly influence the strategies of companies on the distribution of dividends”, he says.

Despite this, Genial expects the sector linked to commodities to continue to be a highlight in the distribution of dividends due to the positive cycle of iron ore and oil, “which enables strong cash generation, while no major investments have been made in recent years.” years to increase production capacity.

The big banks, on the other hand, should maintain their dividend distribution policies to attract more conservative investors in a year of high volatility.

“The same movement should occur in the electricity sector, with emphasis on energy transmission companies, which continue to benefit from higher inflation”, adds the broker.

On the other hand, sectors influenced last year by the upward movement of the Selic (construction, retail and small caps) will take advantage of this year to maintain their leverage levels, while wanting to be available for mergers and acquisitions events. “Thus, they should not be highlighted in the distribution of dividends”, he adds.

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