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Accustomed to rewriting the history of Brazilian women’s tennis, Beatriz Haddad Maia is close to writing another chapter this Wednesday night, at 9 pm, in the australian open. She and her partner, the Kazakh Ana Danilina, will play in the semi-final of the doubles bracket in Melbourne. If she wins, Bia Haddad will match the mark of none other than the legend Maria Esther Bueno.

Bia and Danilina will face the Japanese Shuko Aoyama and Ena Shibahara, favorites in the dispute for being the number two seed. “Now is the time for us to seek our best, to expose ourselves, to face our emotions and to focus on our game. The opponents are experienced and intertwined”, projected the Brazilian.

For tennis players from Japan, the game will taste like rematch. Before the start of the Australian Open, they were eliminated precisely by Bia and Danilina in the semifinals of Sydney WTApreparatory tournament for the first grand slam of the season.

Eliminated in the second round in the singles bracket, the Brazilian has been standing out in a category where she doesn’t usually shine in Grand Slams. On Saturday, she got her first major result in Australia by reaching the quarterfinals, a result that no Brazilian tennis player had achieved yet in the so-called “Open Era” of tennis, which began in 1968.

Only Maria Esther Bueno had gone further before. If she reaches the final, Bia will match the campaign of the Brazilian legend, runner-up in singles in Australia in 1965. If she wins the title, she will also repeat her predecessor’s feat. Maria Esther was champion in doubles in 1960.

To reach the mark of the greatest tennis player in the country’s history, the 25-year-old Brazilian has a good rapport with Danilina, a 26-year-old tennis player who has been getting better results in doubles than in singles. She is ranked 53rd, while Bia ranks 150th (she is expected to enter the Top 100 after the Australian campaign). Casaque has two WTA-level titles on their resume in doubles. The Brazilian, three.

Playing together for the first time this year, they were Sydney WTA champions shortly before the start of the Grand Slam. And they now have eight consecutive victories. The last one was over the Swedish Rebecca Peterson and the Russian Anastasia Potapova by 2 sets to 1, with partials of 4/6, 7/5 and 6/3.

As has been the case for Bia and Danilina in Melbourne, the triumph was hard-fought, with a big comeback. “More and more, I’ve been creating this internal trust. We go through very difficult moments in every game, so that ends up making us calm when we lose a set, because we know that the game is long and that everything changes very fast”, commented the Brazilian. .

The campaign in Australia is the best of Bia’s career in a Grand Slam, in both singles and doubles. “Very happy with this overcoming, to accept and face it. That’s what I’m trying to take with me for the rest of the year. Very happy for me and for Ana”, said the number 1 tennis player in Brazil in singles.

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