Minha Vida Financeira from the Central Bank says that Brazilians have R$ 8 billion to receive; see how to consult

Have you heard about the new Central Bank tool, Minha Vida Financeira? Well, it should. The latest tool launched by BC on the last Monday of January 24th brings a new service: the Amounts Receivable System (SVR). Through it, Brazilians can consult forgotten amounts in bank accounts.

According to the Central Bank, about 79 thousand people have already redeemed more than R$ 900 million, money forgotten in banks and financial institutions in the country. The tool aims to help individuals and companies to know if they have money to receive from a financial institution. According to the country’s highest financial control body, there are currently R$ 8 billion that can be redeemed.

However, on the morning of Wednesday, January 26, the tool went offline. It was suspended by the BC on the night of the 25th, after registering many fluctuations due to the high number of simultaneous accesses. Learn more about it and how it works below.

The SVR is directly connected to the system registration of the Central Bank, a tool launched in March 2021 that allows the population to access, quickly and safely, via the internet, reports containing information about their relationships with financial institutionsits credit and foreign exchange operations, as well as its PIX keys.

Now, since Monday, he also provides information about values ​​that people have to receive. At first, the BC made available the release of funds from closed and undrawn checking or savings accounts.

However, as soon as the system returns, it should also make available the query referring to values ​​of undue charges, such as fees, as well as capital quotas and apportionment of net leftovers of members of credit unions and consortium groups that have ended.

According to BC, throughout 2022 new features should be added to SVR, how to release the consultation for the return of amounts resulting from fees or credit obligations improperly charged not provided for in the commitment term.

The list of services provided should also include consultation of closed prepaid and postpaid payment accounts with available balance, accounts closed at brokerages and securities dealers, among other situations.

My Financial Life Temporarily Down

However, the demand for the system was so great during the first two days of operation that the overload of accesses brought down the Central Bank website and the Registrato system.

As a result, BC chose to temporarily take the tool off the air. This was communicated via a prominent note on the website’s homepage. Look:

Credits: Reproduction/Central Bank
Credits: Reproduction/Central Bank

For now, there is no forecast of the page’s return, but any news will be duly informed, said the Central Bank.

How to access ‘My Financial Life’ and check the amounts receivable

To use the tool, you must have a registration in the Registry.

There are three main ways to register to have access to this information and the main document requested is the CPF. See how to access:

  1. By cell phone: accessing your bank’s application, looking for the option registration, you will be forwarded to accreditation on the Central Bank page and then just access it. Accessing the Registrar, just look for the option “Amounts to Receive” and the user will be directed to the page where it will be shown whether or not there is money available for him to withdraw.
  2. Through Internet Banking: get a passphrase on the Central Bank page, go to https://credenciamento.bcb.gov.br/via-bcb/0 and fill in your details to get the passphrase (the site above is unstable due to database problems of the Central Bank). Then access your bank’s Internet Banking on your computer and look for the option registration to validate the passphrase, then complete the accreditation on the Central Bank page to which you will be directed. Now just access the registry. So just look for the option “Amounts to Receive” and the user will be directed to the page where it will be shown whether or not there is money available for him to withdraw.
  3. From the Central Bank website: when accessing https://www.bcb.gov.br/ search for the page “My Financial Life” and then click on “Values ​​to Receive”. The next step is to click on the item “Consult the Amounts Receivable Report” and “Start Consultation”. At this point, the user will need to inform the CPF or CNPJ. After the digital verification, the system will point out if there are values ​​available or not.

How to redeem the values?

The redemption of values, if they are available, can be done in two ways:

  • in the case of banks or financial institutions that have signed a specific term with the BC: directly via Pix in the account indicated by the beneficiary at the Registrar;
  • in other cases, the beneficiary will inform their contact details in the system and the payment or transfer method will be informed by the institution.

In the first phase of the functionality, the BC estimates that about R$ 3.9 billion in amounts are withheld as a result of the following situations:

  • closed checking or savings accounts with available balance;
  • fees and installments or obligations related to credit operations unduly charged, provided that the return is provided for in a Term of Commitment signed by the bank with the BC;
  • capital quotas and apportionment of net surpluses of beneficiaries and participants of credit unions; and
  • Unsought appeals relating to closed consortium groups.

The BC states that the information made available in the new service is the responsibility of the institutions themselves. “In some situations, the balances receivable may be of small value, but they belong to citizens who now have a simple and agile way to receive these amounts”says, in a note, the monetary authority.

BRL 900,000 has already been redeemed

Despite the problems faced, in these first days of operation of the new functionality of the Registrato, the account holders have already rescued R$ 900 thousand forgotten in banks and financial institutionsinformed the Central Bank last night, the 25th.

Also according to the agency, before going offline, about 79,000 people consulted the tool, and 8,500 requests for the return of resources were made.

“The Values ​​Receivable System (SVR) was widely accepted among citizens, generating a demand much higher than expected. Despite the instability that this demand generated on the website, 79 thousand citizens managed to consult the SVR and 8.5 thousand requests for returns were formalized, totaling around R$ 900 thousand, which will be transferred via Pix within 12 working days”, said BC.

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