Moro says he received much less from consulting than the millions of reais speculated – 01/26/2022 – Panel

Former judge Sergio Moro (Podemos) tells the Panel that he won from the consultancy Alvarez & Marsal values ​​”very distant” from the millions of reais that are speculated.

“It’s not even close”, says he, who promises to reveal the figure on Friday (28). “I will show that there is nothing irregular.”

One point he should mention is that the consultancy area in which he worked was totally separate from the one that dealt with companies investigated in Lava Jato, including another CNPJ.

Moro should record a video on the subject. Allies suggest that he compare what he earned from the consultancy with Lula’s remuneration for lectures with companies, but that has not yet been decided. “We are still defining how it will be”, he says.

In December, as revealed by the Mônica Bergamo column, TCU minister Bruno Dantas ordered Alvarez & Marsal to reveal how much it paid the former magistrate after he left the company in October to launch himself into politics.

Dantas accepted a request made by the Public Ministry with the TCU. It also determined the lifting, in the Judiciary, of all the judicial recovery processes in which Alvarez & Marsal acted during the Lava Jato period.

The minister stated in a dispatch that Moro’s actions during Lava Jato “naturally” contributed to the failure of companies such as Odebrecht — and he wants to know if Alvarez & Marsal benefited from them by getting involved in the recovery of the contractor and other investigated organizations under the command of the former judge.

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